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Maggie Evans (1991)
Production Information
Portrayed by

Ely Pouget

First appearance

Episode 1

Last appearance

Episode 12

Episode count


Biographical Information

Maggie Evans



Supernatural abilities

Psychic, Mediumship, Fortune-telling.

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Maggie Evans is a barmaid who works at Blue Whale and has a affair with David Collins' father, Roger Collins. When Barnabas Collins returns to the estate and strange murders are carried out in Collinsport, Maggie becomes involved in the events (1,2).

A skilled tarot reader and psychic, Maggie holds a séance to try to contact the restless spirits who are haunting the mansion, but, instead causes Victoria Winters to travel back in time (6) and, during a

second snceéa, to releace the vengeful spirit of Angélique Bouchard, who takes possession of Dr. Hoffman's body and later the body of Maggie herself. (11,12).