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Magda Rakosi

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Sandor Rakosi (Husband)
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Magda Rakosi (1850s-1897) was a gypsy who lived in the Old House on the Collinwood estate in 1897.


Early Life[]

Magda Rakosi was born to two gypsy parents in a caravan, and had a little sister named Jenny Collins, whom she described  "as the fairest and happiest of them all" (746), she was part of a tribe with the other Gypsy led by a king named Johnny Romano (820).

Madga later got into a relationship with Sandor, who originally was not very good at his knife throwing act. Whenever she was on stage while "The Grand Sandor" was doing his knife throwing act, she always wondered will if she would live through it. Though Sandor was making mistakes throwing his knife, they eventually got married (701).

In the early 1890s, Magda and Sandor stayed in The Old House by permission of Edith Collins (706). Which happened sometime after the marriage of Jenny and Quentin Collins.

The Curse[]

In 1897, Magda placed a werewolf curse on Quentin Collins to punish him for his cruelty to his wife Jenny Collins who was secretly Magda's sister. Magda was eventually persuaded to try to remove the curse, and later stole the Hand of Count Petofi from her gypsy tribe in an attempt to lift her curse from Quentin.

Later Life[]

It's unknown what happened to Magda Rakosi after 1897, it's possible though she stayed in Collinsport and died there in the early 1900s.


In 1968, years after her death, Magda spoke through Carolyn Stoddard during a seance. She warned Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, Professor Stokes, Victoria Winters and Chris Jennings that they should try and stop him - presumably referring to Quentin's spirit (642).



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