Lost In Thought: Part Four - Touch and Go





Maggie Thompson


Jose Pimentel

Cover Art

Hector Gomez


July 1993

Dark Shadows Lost In Thought: Part Four - Touch and Go
Lost In Thought: Part Four - Touch and Go is a comic produced by Innovation. It was released in July 1993.

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Nathan runs out into the snowy night and the sisters realise that he knows what they are. They decide he must be destroyed, but lose his trail because he wades through the icy cold waters of the river. He stumbles to the Old House, his feet now severely frost-bitten and there, Willie does his best to make him comfortable. Nathan warns Willie about the Gorgons and the next morning Willie questions Vicki about the legend. He also gets Julia to come and examine Nathan. Vicki decides to teach David about the Gorgon legend and discovers that they were also known as the Grim Ones. Also that one of them could cure with blood from her left side and destroy with blood from her right. Whilst Thenno and Allie Grimm check the hospital and the church for Nathan, Julia realises that Nathan is on the verge of death. He asks Willie to kill him with a stake, to prevent him from rising as a vampire, but Willie cannot bring himself to carry out this demand. The sisters call at the Old House just as Barnabas wakes, and Nathan rises as a vampire. The sisters recognise Barnabas from two centuries past and realise what he is. He is about to attack them when Nathan stops him - their blood is death. They offer to turn Nathan to stone to ease his pain but he refuses, saying that the statues are alive and in pain. They did not realise this. Instead, Allie makes Nathan drink blood from her left side, which turns him back into a healthy human once more. Barnabas cannot partake of a similar treatment as it would leave him as a two hundred year old man, his immediate death inevitable. Nathan's cure also means he can control the "volume" of his telepathy, and he goes with the sisters to help treat the statues, before returning home. Finally, Barnabas gives both Vicki and Willie crucifixes to protect them from himself should he lose control again.

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