The Logansport Cannery was located at Logansport, Maine not far from Collinsport.

Burke Devlin had Stuart Bronson (27) and Bronson's partner James Blair (42) looking into the Collins family business interests, including mortgages and unpaid notes. He wanted to acquire the Logansport Fishing Fleet and Canneries, in a bid, to directly compete and eventually put out of business the Collinsport Fishing Fleet and Canneries. Devlin brought on a bid for the Logansport Cannery (89) and was upset that the owners of the Logansport Cannery had not honored his bid. He raised his bid by 10% (95). At a meeting he reminds the employees at the Collinsport Cannery that it might be difficult for them to acquire work at the Logansport Cannery once the Collinsport Cannery jobs "dry up".

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