Locked room

The entrance to the Locked Room in the West Wing of Collinwood

The Locked Room in Collinwood of 1841 Parallel Time was a cursed room in the West Wing in which, during each generation, one member of the family was selected by lottery to spend the night. A total of twelve people spent the night in this room, and except for the last two, Bramwell Collins and Catherine Harridge Collins, all either died or went insane.

The curse of the locked room dated back to the year 1680, where Brutus Collins, an unscrupulous and miserly businessman, had discovered his partner, James Forsythe, was having an affair with his wife, Amanda Collins. He murdered them both and kept their mummified bodies in a secret room which could only be accessed from the locked room. Every time someone stayed in the room, they would discover the secret room and the corpses. When they were tricked into touching the corpses, their fate was sealed (1244).

Sometime in the late 1820s or early 1830s, Justin Collins entered the locked room as a result of the lottery (1199). Unbeknown to him, his daughter Melanie sneaked into the room to be with him. The next day Justin was obviously insane, but it turned out Melanie had also developed a madness, one which would only manifest itself occasionally, albeit violently (1204).

Finally in 1841, Bramwell and Catherine survived the night in the locked room, they laid the spirit of Brutus Collins to rest and ended the family curse (1245).

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