Lizzie Wells was the daughter of a blacksmith who grew up in Portland, Maine in the early 1900s. In 1910, Lizzie moved to Collinsport and accepted a position as a maid, working for Christopher Jennings at his spacious seaside mansion known as Cranshaw House. Lizzie formed a close relationship with Chris’ wife, Paula Jennings, but was fearful of the other two Cranshaw servants, Abel and Peg. Lizzie told Paula some village rumors concerning the two siblings, claiming that Abel was a werewolf and that Peg was a witch.

Abel and Peg weren’t the only supernatural entities that Lizzie would encounter. In April of that year, she met the Jennings’ neighbor, Barnabas Collins. Barnabas was a vampire, and would routinely feed off of Lizzie. He was careful with her however, and only took enough blood to sustain him, without unnecessarily endangering her life. Barnabas would hypnotize Lizzie, so that she would not remember the true nature of their nocturnal meetings. To Lizzie’s recollection, Barnabas was merely a handsome man that she would occasionally become friendly with during her off-hours.

Barnabas and Paula began to grow suspicious of the manservant, Abel – and Lizzie’s suspicions of the man were proven true. Abel was in fact – a werewolf. One evening, Barnabas hypnotized Lizzie into walking along the beach near Widow's Hill in the hopes of baiting Abel into a trap. Abel took the form of a wolf, and ran along the beach with the intention of attacking Lizzie. He stepped into a bear trap, causing himself massive amounts of pain. Barnabas stepped out from behind some shoals and bludgeoned the werewolf to death with a massive rock. Lizzie, still in her hypnotic state, never learned that she was used as bait to trap a werewolf.

Several evenings later, Lizzie learned that Paula was fearful of her husband, Chris. They suspected that Chris was a werewolf as well, and Lizzie tried her level best to keep Paula safe from him – but to no avail. Chris Jennings transformed into a werewolf and slaughtered the poor girl, ripping out her throat. He dragged her body into an unspecified area of Collinsport, and began spreading news that Lizzie had been engaged in a relationship with Barnabas Collins. It was his hope to pin all of the recent werewolf attacks on Barnabas. Barnabas was forced to leave Collinsport for a short time, until the rumors quelled down.

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  • Presumably, the name Lizzie is short for Elizabeth, although no one in Collinsport ever referred to her by her proper name.
  • Lizzie was described as a pert young girl with glowing, blonde hair.

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The Foe of Barnabas Collins

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