Since it's debut in 1966, Dark Shadows has become part of American pop culture. References have been made in TV shows, movies, music and other material since the original series was released.



Adam Ant in Malcolm Marmorstein's Love Bites

  • CrissCross (1992): A period drama set in 1969. While a group of people are watching the historic Apollo 11 liftoff, someone says that they want to watch Dark Shadows instead.
  • Frankenstein and Me (1997): A family film set in the late 60's, the show's famous opening is shown on the family television.
  • Fright Night (2011): Upon see the main character's room covered in crosses, his mother remarks "It's like that show... Dark Shadows."


  • Seinfeld (1989): In the 1996 episode entitled The Wig Master, Kramer receives a cane that is identical to the Wolf's-head cane, but the handle is gold instead of silver. Later in the episode, Kramer is arrested for looking like a "pmip."
  • Angel (1999): In the 2003 episode Release, the character Gunn says, "All I'm saying is, he tries dancing in here and pulling a Dark Shadows again..."
  • WWE: Pro-wrestling manger James Mitchell carries an exact replica of Barnabas' Wolf's-head cane.



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