Lisa Richards
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Lisa Blake Richards


Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Birth date

May 5, 1944

Production Information

Dark Shadows
House of Dark Shadows
Blood Dance
The Enemy Within
The Lucifer Gambit
The Flip Side
Carriage of the Damned


Sabrina Stuart (211-1198)
Sabrina Stuart (Parallel Time) (1197-1245)
Daphne Budd (HODS)
Chandres Tessier (BD)

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Lisa Blake Richards is an actress who starred on the original Dark Shadows television series in the role of Sabrina Stuart. Between her standard character and her corresponding parallel time counterpart, Lisa appeared in a total of 27 episodes of Dark Shadows. She also appeared in the MGM feature film House of Dark Shadows as Daphne Budd - Elizabeth Collins Stoddard's secretary.

She is sometimes credited as Lisa Richards and Lisa Blake Richards.


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