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The library at Collinwood was located on the first floor of the great house adjacent to the card room and facing the northern side of the building. The walls of the library were lined with various glass-paned bookcases and floating shelves. Several tables, high-backed chairs and sideboards were located in the library allowing residents the ability to read comfortably with plenty of space to freely move about.

In June of 1970, Barnabas Collins took Maggie Evans aside into the library and convinced her to remain on as governess to young David Collins. Prior to that conversation, Maggie had considered terminating her employment.

Hematologist, Dr. Julia Hoffman took a sabbatical from her medical profession to conduct a history on the Collins family. She frequently spent her time in the main library as well as a secondary library located on the third floor of the mansion’s tower room.

In 1971, Collinwood’s caretaker, Carlotta Drake spent a lot of her free time in the library. Her employer, Quentin Collins was also known to make use of the library on occasion.

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