Leticia Faye
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Nancy Barrett

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Curtain Call

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Leticia Faye


London, England


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Leticia Faye Collins was an English singer and mentalist who traveled through music halls in both London and New York before coming to Collinwood with her friend, Gerard Stiles. Leticia did have certain psychic abilities, and was sometimes able to predict the future.

Leticia became close friends with Flora Collins and stayed at Flora's house, Rose Cottage. It was while she was living there that Leticia fell in love with Flora's son, Desmond Collins. She stood by him when he was accused of witchcraft, and was devastated when he was convicted and sentenced to death.

Fortunately, Desmond and Quentin Collins were both spared, and Desmond married Leticia very soon after.

It is believed she was an ancestor of Pansy Faye who came to Collinwood in 1897. In the Big Finish audio drama London's Burning, she is described as the cousin of Pansy Faye's mother.

Appearances Edit

1094, 1095, 1097, 1098, 1099, 1101, 1105, 1107, 1113, 1124, 1125, 1127, 1130, 1131, 1132, 1134/1135, 1136, 1137, 1152, 1163, 1164, 1170, 1174/1175, 1176, 1189, 1190, 1194, 1196, 1198

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