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Laura Collins (2012)
Production Information
Portrayed by

Josephine Butler


Dark Shadows (2012)

Biographical Information

Laura Collins

Supernatural abilities

Levitation, banshee shriek


Human (formerly)


David Collins (son)
Roger Collins (husband)
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard (sister-in-law)
Carolyn Stoddard (niece)

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Laura Collins is the mother of David Collins and the wife of Roger Collins.


Laura, while alive, married Roger Collins with whom she had her son, David. When David was five years old, she was killed at sea by the witch Angelique Bouchard.

In death, Laura watches over her son and frequently communicates with him. Unfortunately, this causes the rest of the family to think David is suffering from delusions. They even hire a live-in psychiatrist to help David move on.

She tells David where Barnabas is when he is locked away by Angelique. When David is later threatened directly by Angelique, Laura defends him by giving such a powerful banshee shriek, it blasts Angelique into the chandelier, killing her.