Laura Collins was the wife of Roger Collins and the mother of David Collins.

Laura Collins was the mentally unstable wife of Roger Collins, apparently from England (Elizabeth Collins Stoddard mentions that Laura took David to England). Laura tried to commit suicide along with her young son David and was confined to an institution in England. Laura was a witch and used her connection through David to seek vengeance on Roger and his lover, Maggie Evans. Maggie knew that Laura was a witch and that she controlled David. Maggie feared that Laura would come back to Collinwood, saying that Laura wasn't like other people and never was, which (as a psychic spiritualist) she knew about.

Laura Collins was mentioned again by Maggie to Victoria at a restaurant in Collinsport after David burned a doll representing Roger, and Roger felt the pain of the flames on him. Maggie told Victoria that she saw David do these things through a vision and that David was acting under Laura's control. Laura is referred to as a witch with evil powers (4).

Notes Edit

  • Roger was an artist who had painted a portrait of Laura and the infant David. This was the only glimpse of Laura shown on the revival series (4).
  • In the original series, Laura Collins was an immortal supernatural being known as a Phoenix, who returned every century to try and claim her children and change them into beings like herself.
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