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Laszlo Ferrari
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Michael Stroka

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Laszlo Ferrari


32 (1840)

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Laszlo Ferrari was a gypsy who lived in Collinsport in 1840. He was also a servant to Angelique.

Laszlo first appeared in the fall of 1840 when he was venturing to the Collins Mausoleum to check on Barnabas' coffin with Angelique. Angelique and Laszlo visited the mausoleum once a year to make sure Barnabas was still chained in his coffin (although Laszlo did not know what was inside the coffin, nor why they visited the mausoleum every year). When Angelique saw that the coffin was empty, she ordered Laszlo to go to Collinwood to see if anyone knew about someone named Barnabas Collins. Laszlo went to Collinwood and saw Barnabas there, and then immediately excused himself to report the news to Angelique (1130).

Laszlo watched over Julia Hoffman after she was bitten by the vampire Roxanne Drew (despite being a vampire, Roxanne was under Angelique's control). One night after Julia passed out, he stole one of her rings and put it on his finger. Barnabas later noticed Laszlo wearing the ring when he caught him sneaking around the Old House, and forced him to reveal Julia's whereabouts (1148).

To make up for his failure of holding Julia prisoner, Laszlo helped Angelique steal a watch fob that belonged to Gerard Stiles, so she could find out who at Collinwood was possessed by the evil warlock Judah Zachery (1158). Laszlo was never seen again following this event, and his fate was never revealed.

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1130, 1148, 1158