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Larry Chase was a lawyer for the Collins family and Cyrus Longworth in 1970 Parallel Time. He was also Chris Collins' partner.

After he meeting with John Yaeger about the money Cyrus wanted to put in his name, Larry became suspicious and warned Cyrus not to associate himself with Yaeger. Cyrus told him to still put the money in his account and have Yaeger be the sole benefactor in his will if anything happened to him. (1006) Cyrus later put Yaeger out of the will.

Larry had also witnessed the murder of Horace Gladstone and suspected that Yaeger was responsible for it, but he ultimately couldn't prove it. (1010)

Larry was eventually killed by Angelique Stokes Collins for the warmth she needed to survive. (1020) An autopsy showed that Larry froze to death. (1021)

Background Information and Notes[]

  • The character of Larry Chase served as a replacement for Chris Collins. Actor Don Briscoe had abruptly left the show in April 1970 after episode 1001 due to personal and medical reasons.
  • Ken McEwen, who portrayed Larry Chase, was also an associate producer on the show.


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