Issue 1
Volume 1
Date March 2009
Publisher Moonstone
Color Color
Distribution Irregular
Writer Joe Gentile
Artist Ron Harris
Cover Price Unknown
Pages 64

It's a very special event, and a story Kolchak fans have dreamed of for decades - Kolchak vs. Barnabas Collins! Carl Kolchak meets Dark Shadows' Barnabas Collins in a tale that could only be called 'An Interview with the Vampire!' Why has this famous vampire sent for a reporter well-known for slaying vampires? Then, writers Gentile and Ulanski co-write together a new full-length story! In 'One Foot in the Grave,' Kolchak and Vincenzo are on a road trip through the Nevada desert, and find a graveyard of human bones. But what menace is looking to add them to it? These two terrifying Night Stalker tales are so monumental, it takes a 64-page special to contain them!

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