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Kitty Soames
Production Information
Portrayed by

Kathryn Leigh Scott

First appearance


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Episode count


Biographical Information

Katherine Soames

Also known as

Kitty Soames
Lady Hampshire


Pennsylvania, USA

Supernatural abilities

Suspected reincarnation of Josette DuPres

Family members

Gerald Soames (Husband)

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Katherine "Kitty" Soames, Lady Hampshire was a former governess of Collinwood. Kitty was originally from Pennsylvania (846), but lived in Maine before she moved to England when she married Lord Hampshire, Gerald Soames. Gerald was a close friend of Edward Collins. Gerald committed suicide over his dealings with Count Petofi, leaving Kitty nearly destitute.

Intent upon renewing her financial security, Kitty returned to Collinsport and sought out the company of Edward. Edward was greatly distressed to learn of Gerald's death, but was none-the-less attracted to the merry widow. The two became engaged.

However, Kitty's relationship with Edward did not last, as she met with Barnabas Collins - Barnabas was solely interested in Kitty because he recognized her as the reincarnation of Josette Collins. Kitty frequently suffered from episodes of confusion, when she answered to Josette's name and not her own. Eventually, Kitty disappeared into Josette's portrait. (884)

Kitty's spirit was one of many to return and haunt Jamison Collins and Ivanka Romano (A Collinwood Christmas).

Background information and notes[]

  • This was the fourth character played by Kathryn Leigh Scott, and her second role in the 1897 storyline.
  • She appears in recycled footage in the reprise of 886 and in 938.


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