Kate Ripperton, alongside Tom Lacey, presented the British television series Beyond The Grave.

The Phantom Bride Edit

As Tony Peterson and Cassandra left The White Rabbit public house, they failed to hear Kate and Tom announce, on the television, that in the next episode of their show they'd be investigating the town of Collinsport

Beyond the Grave Edit

Kate remained in the London studio as Tom reported live from Collinsport. She invited viewers to call the studio if they had any stories of their own. As events escalated in the town, Kate received phone calls from Amy Jennings, Angela Platt, Rory McCrory, Danielle Roget (now in the body of Emma Finney), Mary Ruislip and Gerald Conway. As male viewers of the Beyond The Grave became possessed by Mad Jack causing them to attack their wives and families, Kate herself was assaulted by the programme's floor assistant, Bob Somerton. She survived the attack but was left distraught by what she had witnessed - including the deaths of Jim Hardy and Tom Lacey.

Bloodlust Edit

Ten years later, Kate had moved to Collinsport and was involved in a relationship with Benjamin Franklin. She had become the editor of the Collinsport Star.  

Background information and notes Edit

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