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Julianka as portrayed by Diana Davila

Julianka was the gypsy woman from Montreal, the great granddaughter of the gypsy woman who cursed Count Andreas Petofi and the last person who knew the secret of controlling the Hand of Count Petofi.

One evening while at the Blue Whale, Julianka met a man who appeared to be hitting on her, who turned out to be Aristede, sent by Count Petofi to find out who she was and why she was in town. Julianka reluctantly told Aristede her name, then told him he should forget it because she was not going to be there long enough for he or anyone to "like her", but when she met Barnabas Collins she told him she came because she heard Magda Rakosi had put a curse on someone and she came to end the curse (794). It was true, she came on a mission from King Johnny Romano to retrieve the Hand of Count Petofi (794) and to kill Magda Rakosi for stealing it.

Unfortunately for Quentin, he and Barnabas were not in possession of the hand when they first met Julianka (795). She promised to lift the werewolf curse, but left to pick one last herb before the ceremony began. Barnabas found her dead in the woods with a mysterious mark on her forehead (796), a mark Quentin would later see on Count Petofi's cuff-links.


After Death[]

Barnabas, Quentin and Magda held a seance to speak to Julianka. Magda did not have a good feeling before the ceremony and wanted to be left out of it. Julianka's ghost appeared and was quite upset, believing the trio were directly responsible for her death, particularly Magda for stealing the hand from King Johnny Romano. Not only did she refuse to tell anyone how to end Quentin's werewolf curse, she placed a curse on Magda that anyone she loved would die. As soon as her spirit departed, there was a knock on the door, and when Magda opened it, there was her husband, killed with a dagger in his back (797).

The curse that Julianka placed on Magda is eerily similar to the curse that Angelique placed on Barnabas...anyone they loved would die (technically, Barnabas' curse is that anyone who loves him will die -- he can love others, just as he loved Vicki Winters for instance, but as long as they don't love him, they're all right. However, considering Julia loved Barnabas unrequtitedly but lived, this implies, therefore, that Barnabas' exact curse is that anyone who loves him will die, if he also loves them).


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