Julia's room at Collinwood first layout ep290

Julia's room at Collinwood_first layout_ep290

Julia's room at Collinwood second layout ep340

Julia's room at Collinwood_second layout_ep340

Julia's room at Collinwood is first seen when Barnabas shows up in the night with the intention of killing Julia (290, 291).

When Julia's room is next seen, it has different furniture arranged in an altered layout and the door is on the opposite side of the wall (339, 340). The tall armoire seen in the second layout (339, 340) is originally from Victoria's room (2, 3), but would also occasionally be in Elizabeth's room

As with Carolyn's room (100, 101, 279) and Elizabeth's room (156, 158, 160), the set design for Julia's room is derived from the original set for Vicki's room (2, 3).

A number of props in Julia's room are taken from other rooms in Collinwood, like the portrait of Collinsport founder Isaac Collins (290, 291), which was originally in the drawing room (3).

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