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Judah Zachery

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17th century

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Judah Zachery (died 1692) was a powerful warlock who lived in Collinsport, Maine in the late 17th Century. His spirit returned in 1840 and took full possession of Gerard Stiles, using him to take revenge on the Collins family, becoming the master of Collinwood through a series of murders and trickery. As a spirit, using Gerard's aspect, he later choreographed the destruction of Collinwood in 1970, and then haunted it until at least 1995

17th Century[]

Early Life[]

Judah Zachary was born in the 17th century; it is later revealed that his father is Diabolos, who bore him to create a leader for the witches. During his youth, he was a well-known and feared warlock. He killed many people, including Andrew Bronson and his family, because they were going to turn him in. During this time, he fell in love with a beautiful and charming woman named Miranda du Val. He took her under his wing, teaching her the sacred arts of witchcraft and dark magic.



Judah Zachary in court in 1692 before his hanging.

 In 1692, both Miranda and Judah were captured by witch hunters from the Catholic Church, led by Amadeus Collins, and they were brought to trial. Fearing her fate of death, Miranda was convinced by Amadeus to betray Judah and testify against him, in exchange for her freedom. Judah was found guilty of witchcraft, but warned Amadeus to choose his form of execution carefully, for he vowed to return from the grave and get his revenge on future generations of the Collins family. Amadeus chose to have Judah beheaded.

Following Judah's beheading, his head was put on public display as a warning to all of Judah's followers, while his body was buried in a secret underground vault on the outskirts of Collinsport. After some time, Judah's head disappeared, and all of the judges and their families mysteriously began to die. The deaths stopped once the head was taken out of the country by Judah's followers.

19th Century[]

The Bedford Atrocities[]

In October of 1803, Otis Greene somehow obtained the Head of Judah Zachary, while traveling the country. The head immediately took control of him, forcing him to commit a series of murders, known as the "Bedford Atrocities." Each of the four victims were found decapitated. Greene was captured and brought to trial, where he confessed to the murder, but said he was possessed by the Head. Nevertheless, Greene was found guilty, and sent to an insane asylum until his release in 1830 (1123).

1840-1841 (Negated Timeline)[]

In 1840, the disembodied head of Judah turned up in Asia and was brought back to Collinwood by Desmond Collins. Desmond intended to give the head to the original Quentin Collins as a curiosity gift due to Quentin's interest in the occult, but he was shocked to learn that Quentin had died while he was away (1117). Both Flora Collins and Ben Stokes became terrified by the head, and the head's influence forced Ben to commit suicide by attempting to cut his own head off (1119).

Gerard Stiles, a close friend of Quentin Collins, then became possessed by the head of Judah Zachery, ultimately overthrowing Quentin, marrying Samantha Collins, taking control of the Collins family and seducing Quentin's lover, Daphne Harridge. Prior to Barnabas Collins and Dr. Julia Hoffman traveling to 1840, the still-possessed Gerard had somehow died in early 1841, returning as a ghost to bring catastrophe upon the Collins estate in 1970. It was never revealed how he died, though it was mentioned that Gerard/Judah died in a shipwreck. He would go on to haunt the estate until at least 1995 with the ghosts of Tad Collins, Carrie Stokes and Daphne.

20th Century[]

1970-1995 (Negated timeline)[]

Judah would resurface once more as a ghost haunting Collinwood, taking on the appearance of his previous host, Gerard Stiles. When Barnabas and Dr. Julia Hoffman returned from Parallel Time, they discovered Collinwood in ruins and that they were in the year 1995. They also found out that most of the family was missing. David Collins had died sometime in 1970, along with a girl named Hallie Stokes, a direct result of the ghost of Gerard Stiles. Barnabas and Julia learned from an insane Carolyn that six events brought on the destruction of Collinwood. They tried unsuccessfully to prevent the disaster in 1970, but unfortunately David and Hallie became possessed by the ghosts of Tad Collins and Carrie Stokes, respectively, and were later murdered by Judah, still posing as Gerard's spirit.


Upon escaping from Parallel Time in 1970, Barnabas Collins and Julia Hoffman were inadvertently transported 25 years into the future. (1061) The two quickly discovered that Collinwood was in ruins and had been abandoned many years earlier. As they searched for clues, Barnabas and Julia discovered that Carolyn Stoddard, Quentin Collins, and Mrs. Johnson were still alive, but had all gone insane and refused to talk about a disaster that occurred in 1970. Eventually, Mrs. Johnson did reveal that David Collins had died as a result of the disaster. Residents of Collinsport also refused to discuss what had happened, and most of them would shudder in fear from just hearing the name "Collins".

Barnabas and Julia soon discovered the four spirits living at Collinwood, all four of whom had lived at Collinwood in the early 19th century, but Barnabas was unable to learn anything about them after he discovered that all history books of the Collins family from that time period had been mysteriously destroyed.

Carolyn finally agreed to tell Barnabas everything that happened in 1970 and asked him to meet her at Collinwood, but Barnabas found her dead in the drawing room when he arrived. (1069) However, she did leave a note, which detailed six events that occurred before the Destruction of Collinwood took place:

  • The Night of the Sun and the Moon (1075)
  • The night Rose Cottage was destroyed (1104)
  • The unfinished horoscope (1081)
  • The night I sang my song (1094)
  • Picnic (1077)
  • Murder (1109)

Julia eventually found a hidden playroom where she saw the ghost of Gerard/Judah. Judah's spirit took possession of Julia and forced her to reveal Barnabas's secret to the Sheriff. An elderly Professor Stokes held a seance with them to contact Judah's spirit. This unfortunately only made his ghost angrier. When Barnabas learned that Judah had possessed Julia, he went to Collinwood where he discovered Julia about to kill herself. Barnabas arrived just in time to stop her. She broke free of Judah's power and the ghost of Carrie showed them a stairway which led them back to 1970.

Return to 1970 and Defeat[]

When Barnabas and Julia returned to their own time from traveling into the future, they tried to prevent the destruction of Collinwood from occurring. Meanwhile, David and Hallie Stokes discovered the ghosts of Gerard Siles and Daphne Harridge. Gerard's evil spirit haunted the residents of Collinwood and took possession of David. Daphne's spirit tried to protect them from Gerard with no apparent success. When Quentin Collins II gave Barnabas and Julia a clue as to when Gerard would destroy Collinwood, they raced to tell everyone. Judah then killed the children and raised an army of zombies to destroy Collinwood. The two tried to stop Gerard and the zombies with no success.

When all hope seemed lost, Julia found herself in front of the mysterious staircase and climbed it. Julia successfully reached 1840 and reunited with Barnabas and Professor Stokes. With the help of Desmond Collins and Angelique, they were able to prove the innocence of Quentin Collins and reveal Judah's possession of Gerard Stiles.

When they returned once more to 1970, David and Hallie were still alive and the Destruction of Collinwood never happened. The spirits of Gerard/Judah and Daphne are also no longer present.

1840 (altered timeline)[]

Using the time-traveling stairway created by Quentin Collins when Collinwood was under attack by Gerard/Judah's spirit, Julia Hoffman was able to reach the year 1840, the time during which Gerard lived. She found and reunited with Barnabas, who used the I Ching to send himself back as well. Together with Professor Stokes, the two worked to find out the events that surrounded Gerard and which led to him becoming a vengeful ghost.

One night at Rose Cottage, Gerard caught Leticia Faye sneaking out of Rose Cottage with a large box that contained the Mask of Baal, an ancient and priceless artifact that once belonged to Judah and contained numerous powers. He let Leticia leave with the mask after she promised him she would get it appraised, but he secretly followed her to a secret vault in the cemetery where Leticia and Julia were working to bring Judah back to life. Eventually, Gerard managed to get into the vault, but accidentally set it on fire and was nearly killed. He stole the mask and obtained Judah's diary, keeping both in his room. The Head of Judah Zachery then appeared in Gerard's room, following a strange dream.

Over time, Gerard became more and more consumed by the spirit of Judah, and oftentimes become possessed by him. Becoming increasingly worried, Gerard tossed the Head over the edge of Widows' Hill, but the Head would be returned days later by Charles Dawson. Charles ordered Gerard to put the mask on, and Gerard then became fully and permanently possessed by Judah.

Gerard vowed to carry out Judah's plans of destroying the Collins family in revenge for Amadeus Collins finding him guilty of witchcraft and beheading him in 1692. He declared that his plan would involve a new witchcraft trial where Quentin would be found guilty and beheaded. Gerard planted suspicion in the minds of Lamar Trask and Daniel Collins by the use of dreams and visions of Quentin practicing witchcraft and killing a woman named Lorna Bell. After Gerard cast a spell over Desmond Collins that nearly caused him to choke to death, Lamar found the voodoo doll that was used in Quentin's laboratory, convincing him that Quentin was a warlock. Quentin was later arrested when Lamar found him standing over Randall Drew's dead body in the woods.

Ultimately, Barnabas came to the realization that the ghost who haunted Collinwood in 1970 and 1995 was indeed Judah Zachary and not Gerard. Through the intervention of Barnabas, Julia and Stokes, as Quentin was about to be sentenced to death, Judah's former protege Miranda, now reborn as Angelique Bouchard/ "Valerie" Collins and bereft of her powers by Judah, brought the Head before the court in defense of Quentin. Desmond Collins finally shot Gerard and the possession ended, which helped lead to Quentin's acquittal. Gerard died in his former friend's arms asking him for forgiveness, which was granted.

Known Abilities & Powers[]

  • Conjuration: The act of calling, commanding, or summoning an object, person, or spirit already in existence.
  • Elemental Control: The act of controlling and manipulating the elements of air, earth, fire, water, and weather.
  • Mediumship: The act of calling, communicating, and invoking the spirits of the dead.
  • Necromancy: The act of controlling and manipulating the spirits of the dead.
  • Spell Casting: The act of changing and controlling events by magical influence.
  • Telekinesis: The act of controlling and manipulating the movements of objects and persons.
  • Voodoo: The act of controlling and manipulating the body, mind, and soul of another person through the use of dolls and wax figures.


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