Joshua Collins (PT)
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Louis Edmonds

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Joshua Collins

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Maine, New England, USA

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(In death)

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Barnabas Collins (Son)

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Joshua Collins was the father of Barnabas Collins and the grandfather of Bramwell Collins in Parallel Time.

Quentin Collins became interested in learning more about Barnabas after he witnessed Julia Hoffman from the regular timeline calling out for him in Angelique's room, and then Hoffman appeared behind him. A seance was then held to contact Barnabas, but the ghost of Joshua appeared. Joshua identified himself as the former master of Collinwood and Barnabas' father, but said they already knew all they needed to know about Barnabas. However, Joshua did mention that there was an evil presence somewhere on the estate that "is not living nor dead" and needed to be destroyed.

After the real-time Barnabas Collins introduced himself to the parallel Collinwood, he paid a visit to PT-Barnabas' grave, looking for answers about that Barnabas' life. Joshua appeared to him, and denied that he was Barnabas' father. He ordered the real-time Barnabas to leave and never return, and insisted that he was only trying to protect the family's honor. Joshua disappeared and was never seen or heard from again.

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1008, 1009, 1012

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