Joshua Collins was the patriarch of the 18th century Collins family estate and father to Barnabas Collins. He was married to a woman named Naomi Collins. In July of 1797, Joshua discovered that his son was a vampire, but could not bring himself to destroy him. Instead, he sealed him away inside of a coffin, bound with heavy chains inside the family mausoleum at the Collins private cemetery.

In June of 1970, Roger Collins co-hosted a costume ball in the organ room at Collinwood. He dressed as his ancestor, Joshua Collins, for the party.


  • There is very little information provided in the movies to distinguish the character of Joshua Collins from his counterpart in the original Dark Shadows television series.
  • Joshua’s relationship with Barnabas Collins is described in the movie, but the character is never mentioned by name.
  • According to Carlotta Drake, Joshua Collins built Collinwood in the late 1600s. It is possible that there were two Joshua Collinses, and the father of Barnabas was the original's namesake.

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House of Dark Shadows (referenced only)

House of Dark Shadows (novel) (referenced only)

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