Joshua Collins (2012)
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Portrayed by

Ivan Kaye


Dark Shadows (2012)

Biographical Information

Joshua Collins


Liverpool, England, UK


Owner of Collins Cannery Company




Naomi Collins (wife, deceased)
Barnabas Collins (son)
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard (descendant)
Roger Collins (descendant)
Carolyn Stoddard (descendant)
David Collins (descendant)

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Joshua Collins is the father of Barnabas Collins and the founder of both Collinsport and Collins Canning Company in America. He is portrayed by Ivan Kaye.

Biography Edit

In 1760, Joshua moved from Liverpool, England to the New World with his wife Naomi and young son Barnabas. Arriving in Maine, he and his wife established the fishing village of Collinsport, founded the prosperous Collins Canning Company, and hired the finest artisans to construct the family mansion, Collinwood.

Years later, Barnabas breaks off his relationship with a servant named Angelique and instead falls in love with a woman closer to his own social standing named Josette DuPres. Unfortunately, Angelique is skilled in the art of witchcraft and decides to kill everyone Barnabas loves in heartbroken revenge, and his parents are at the top of the list. Her curse causes a stone statue of a seahorse break off of Collinwood's roof and crush Joshua and Naomi as they take a stroll around the grounds.

Trivia Edit

  • According to his son, Joshua frequently stated that true wealth lies in the devotion to family... although he "clearly was not opposed to the other kind".
  • Joshua constructed several secret passageways within Collinswood. One such chamber was located directly beneath the mansion and was used to store a hidden cache of various treasures.
  • Nearly two hundred years after his death, a portrait of Joshua still hangs in the foyer of Collinwood.
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