Joshua 1991

Joshua Collins in 1790

Joshua Collins was the patriarch of the Collins Family in the late eighteenth century. He lived at the Manor House with his wife, Naomi, and their children: Barnabas, Jeremiah, Sarah, and Daniel. His sister, Abigail Collins, also resided at Collinwood.

In 1790 a new Collinwood was under construction, with the help of family friend Peter Bradford. He was eagerly looking forward to its completion, as both of his sons were soon to be married: Barnabas to Josette du Pres of Martinique, and Jeremiah to Millicent Collins, a cousin of theirs from New York. He had also recently arranged for Phyllis Wicke, a governess from Connecticut, to tutor his youngest children. None of these plans worked out as expected.

Phyllis Wicke never appeared, instead Victoria Winters arrived in her place. Although skeptical of her story, he took Victoria into his employment on a trial basis.

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