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Josette DuPres Collins (PT)
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Mary Cooper

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Josette DuPres Collins

Family members

Barnabas Collins (Husband)
Bramwell Collins (Son)
Melanie Collins (Daughter)

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Josette DuPres Collins (PT) was the widow of Barnabas Collins and the mother of Bramwell Collins and Melanie Collins.

After Barnabas' death in 1820, the grieving widow Josette was comforted by Justin Collins, by whom she bore a child. Justin and Flora adopted the little girl, raising her as Melanie Collins. Flora was unaware of Melanie's parenthood, although she was aware that Melanie's mother was alive and may have suspected that Justin was the father. Justin's sister, Julia knew the whole story.

After Melanie's birth, Josette travelled for a while, but eventually came back to live at The Old House where she and Barnabas had lived. It was there she raised Bramwell until he left to make his fortune in 1836.

The story of Melanie's birth came to light in 1841, after Justin's death.


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