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Josette Collins was a woman who came to live at the great house of Collinwood some time in the 19th century. She fell in love with a man named Barnabas Collins, and the two began a passionate courtship. A woman named Angelique, had likewise fallen in love with Barnabas, but her obsession with him had driven her mad.

Angelique was also a very powerful witch. Bitterly jealous of Barnabas’ affections towards Josette, he placed a curse upon him, turning him into a vampire. Barnabas tried to conceal this secret from Josette for as long as he could, but ultimately Josette learned the truth.

Horrified by what had become of Barnabas, Josette had completely lost her will to live. She took her own life by leaping off of the edge of Widow's Hill onto the rocks below.

In later years, the spirit of Josette would rise from the grave to make her presence felt throughout Collinsport.

In 1910, the ghost of Josette manifested itself inside of the stately Cranshaw House in order to drive away the immortal Angelique, who had been terrorizing a young woman named Paula Jennings.


The Foe of Barnabas Collins