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Josette Collins (1991)
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Joanna Going

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Episode 7

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Episode 11

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Josette du Prés Collins

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Josette du Prés Collins (1766-1790) was the one-time fiancee of Barnabas Collins. Josette arrived from Martinique with her father, Andre du Pres. Upon her arrival, she was surprised to discover the resemblance between herself and the Collins' family governess, Victoria Winters. The similarities between the two women were striking, and they quickly formed a warm friendship.

However, Josette's marriage plans did not go as expected. Although she loved Barnabas when she arrived in Collinsport, she was soon placed under a spell by Angelique, and fell hopelessly in love with Barnabas's younger brother, Jeremiah. Jeremiah and Josette dreamt of becoming lovers, and upon the following day their passions took over. Josette and Jeremiah shared a romantic moment in the stables which was accidentally overseen by Victoria Winters.

Josette Jeremiah 1991

Jeremiah and Josette

That night Josette visited Jeremiah's bedroom and they made love. Afterwards, they quit Collinwood and ran away together to be married in secret. Although their marriage was happy, it was destined to be short-lived.

Barnabas soon discovered the newlyweds at their room in Boston, and fought Jeremiah. When Josette informed him of their marriage Barnabas called her a whore. To defend his wife, Jeremiah challenged his elder brother to a duel. Despite Josette's protests, the brothers met at dawn the following day. Josette begged to stay at her husband's side, but Jeremiah insisted that she would always be with him.

Josette and Victoria 1991

Josette and Victoria compare their resemblance

Barnabas did not intend to kill Jeremiah, in fact he instructed Ben Loomis not to load the gun. However, Angelique cast a spell that put the bullet from Jeremiah's revolver into Barnabas's, and Jeremiah was killed instantly. Josette ran to her husband's side and swore to Barnabas that she would never forgive him for killing her only love.

Victoria Winters was arrested for witchcraft at Jeremiah's funeral. Josette tried to stand by her friend and defend her. The two women shared a unique bond, and Josette suspected that they may be the same person, separated by two hundred years. Josette swore she would do all in her power to save Victoria, because saving her would be the same thing as saving herself.

Victoria valued Josette's friendship, and urged her to leave Collinsport to avoid the tragic death that awaited her.


Josette cries in the arms of her friend, Victoria Winters.

Josette refused to leave, partly because of Victoria, and partly because of Barnabas's return. Barnabas, as a vampire, had claimed Josette as his bride. However, on the night she went to join him, Angelique conjured up images of Josette as a vampire. The thought scared the woman so much that she ran from Barnabas and threw herself off Widow's Hill.