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Josette's wedding dress was an original, sleeveless, Parisian white gown. In the summer of 1797, Barnabas Collins purchased the dress for his lover, Josette DuPres. It was the gown that she was destined to wear on their wedding night. In July of that year, Josette discovered that her lover was actually a vampire. Barnabas intended on making her his immortal bride. Terrified at the thought of becoming a creature of the night, Josette ran away from Barnabas out into the rain. Wearing the dress, she leapt from the peak high atop Widows' Hill and fell to her death on the rocks below.

Shortly after the discovery of Josette's body, the dress was recovered and stored away in the attic of the new Collins estate, Collinwood, where it remained for many years.

In June of 1970, Maggie Evans – the governess at Collinwood discovered the dress and decided to wear it to a costume party being held in honor of Barnabas’ arrival in Collinsport. Barnabas was astonished to see Maggie wearing the dress, but not quiet as astonished as he was to discover that Maggie was the spitting image of Josette herself.

By the month of July, Barnabas fell completely in love with Maggie and convinced himself that she was actually the reincarnation of his lost Josette. He dedicated himself to providing the wedding that he never had the chance to have. Using his vampiric prowess, he kidnapped Maggie and took her to the ruins of an old chapel monastery on St. Eustace Island. Dressing her in Josette’s wedding gown, he prepared to turn Maggie into his vampire bride. Fortunately for Maggie, her boyfriend, Jeff Clark, arrived and destroyed Barnabas before he had the chance to commence with the macabre ceremony.

What became of Josette's wedding dress after the destruction of Barnabas Collins remains unknown.

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