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This lavish bedroom was located on the second floor of the original Collins family estate, commonly referred to as the Old House. In the late 18th century, Barnabas Collins provided this room as the private sanctum for his lover, Josette DuPres. Above the mantelpiece hung a portrait of Josette.

Josette spent very little time in this room however, as she committed suicide in the summer of 1797.

Barnabas, an immortal vampire, took possession of his old family estate in June of 1970. With the aid of his unwilling servant, Willie Loomis, he restored the bedroom to its original condition.

One evening, Barnabas took Willie into the room and told him about his family history. He revealed how much his lost Josette resembled Collinwood's current governess, Maggie Evans. He boldly declared that Maggie was to be his new Josette. Barnabas' cousin, Carolyn Stoddard overheard him and burst into Josette's room. She threatened to expose Barnabas and to tell Maggie everything that she overheard. Barnabas flew into a frenzy and attacked Carolyn, biting into her throat and drinking her blood. She died from loss of blood soon after.

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