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Josette DuPres Collins' bedroom is located on the second story inside The Old House on the Estate of Collinwood in Collinsport, Maine.

Josette's bedroom was prepared for her arrival in Maine as the fiance of Barnabas Collins in 1795, but she would only stay there a few months before moving with the Collins family into the Great House as the widow of Jeremiah Collins.

In 1967 and then 1840, her jilted fiance, Barnabas, would restore the Old House and Josette's room in particular. In 1967, he moved the Portrait of Josette to this room over the fireplace from its place in the parlor. He also restored her large four-poster bed and her dressing table. There were two chairs and a small table in the room for guests. The dressing table had a perfume bottle with her favorite scent, jasmine.

Over the decades, many people lived in the Old House, but after this room became Josette's, only special guests, all female, were allowed to sleep there.