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Josette's music box was a small, ornately crafted French music box given to Josette DuPres by her lover, Barnabas Collins. Josette had little time to enjoy it however, as she committed suicide soon after receiving the gift.

During the 1897 time period, Barnabas gave the music box to Rachel Drummond because of her uncanny resemblance to Josette. In July of 1970, Barnabas gave the music box to Maggie Evans. He believed Maggie to be the reincarnation of Josette and presented her with gift on the eve of the anniversary of Josette’s death.


The prop used for Josette’s music box is the same prop that was used in the original Dark Shadows television series.

The original piece of music used for Josette's Music Box was one composed by Robert Farnon. It was a stock file found in ABC's library. Upon the request of Dan Curtis, Josette's Music Box was given a new tune. Dark Shadows composer Robert Cobert created the well known theme which was used between 1967 and 1970. The same wonderful tune was used in the revival series in 1991.

Also known as Josette's theme, variations of the piece have been featured on the Original Music From Dark Shadows Soundtrack, the Dark Shadows 30th Anniversary Collection and the House of Dark Shadows / Night of Dark Shadows Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.


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