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Josette's Music Box


Music box with the lid open

Josette's music box was a small, rounded case with a jeweled lid that could be lifted on a hinge (1). The music box played a minuet tune when opened (1, 5).

18th Century[]

In the year 1790, Barnabas Collins purchased the music box and had it specially made in Boston on the same day it was announced he was to marry Josette du Prés (1, 8). The tune the box played was the same music to which Barnabas and Josette first danced (8).

Josette accidentally left the music box at the Collins Manor House when she moved into the family's new home of Collinwood (10).

20th Century[]

Although its whereabouts for two hundred years cannot be determined with certainty, it is likely that the music box remained in the Manor House until the year 1991, when Barnabas, an immortal vampire, gave it to Victoria Winters, believing her to be Josette's reincarnation (5).

Innovation Comic Book Series[]

In the Innovation comic book series, it is revealed that Angelique Bouchard cursed the music box, embuing it with her deepest powers. If Barnabas did not choose Angelique over Josette, the box would have an effect on both Barnabas and his descendants until the end of time. Additionally, Angelique stated that, whenever Josette opened the box, she would be affected. The comic depicts Josette listening to the music box as she did in the moments before the zombie of Jeremiah Collins kidnapped her (9), as well as hearing its tune just before discovering Barnabas was a vampire- an event that led to Josette's death. The coversation between Josette and Natalie du Prés in which the Countess suggests that being without the music box may be for the best (10), is also recreated in the comic (Dark Shadows: Book 1, Issue #4). This plot point for the music box is a part of the comic book series only, and is not necessarily canonical with regards to the televison series.