Played by:
Steve Fletcher • (2-8)

Jonathan Harker was a deputy for the Collinsport police in the early 1990's. He was assigned to Collinwood to watch and protect Daphne Collins while she was under the control of vampire Barnabas Collins. Harker worked in shifts with Joe Haskell to keep Daphne safe. While Harker slept, Barnabas put Joe to sleep and Daphne escaped from Collinwood. Harker and Joe found her dead the following morning (2).

Harker was working at the police station on the night Barnabas killed Professor Michael Woodard. He received multiple phone calls from the professor, who wanted to speak to the sheriff about evidence he had photographed. Harker coordinated the efforts to retrieve Woodard's body from his home and informed Sheriff George Patterson that the body had been taken to the hospital (4).

Weeks later, Harker brought Phyllis Wicke to Collinwood with Sheriff Patterson. He assisted the sheriff in moving the woman, who, while feverish, seemed so incoherent that she could not recognize automobiles. Harker and Patterson were unaware that Phyllis Wicke had been transported to the present from the year 1790 (8).


  • Jonathan Harker's name is likely a literary allusion to the protagonist in Bram Stoker's novel "Dracula."
  • Steve Fletcher appears as a paramedic in the first episode of the series, and not as Deputy Harker.
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