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Johnny Romano
Production Information
Portrayed by

Paul Michael

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Biographical Information

Johnny Romano

Also known as

King Johnny


43 (1897)

Date of birth


Year of death


Manner of death

Stabbed by Aristede.

Family members

Matteo Romano (Grandfather)

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Johnny Romano (1854-1897) was the King of the Gypsies.

Magda Rakosi stole the hand of Count Petofi from King Johnny while he and his tribe were in Montreal (778). He sent Julianka to retrieve the hand, but when he found out she had been killed, he came to get the hand personally with his bodyguard, Istvan (820).

King Johnny was able to conjure up a ghostly jury to hold a rigged trial against Magda with the shade of Sandor Rakosi tricked into testifying against his widow. But Magda managed to dismiss all her ghostly jury/executioners (826) before Barnabas Collins showed up to tell him that Count Petofi already had his hand back.

King Johnny possessed the Golden Scimitar, which had sliced the hand from Count Petofi in 1797, was passed down to him along with an immunity to Petofi's magic, and he planned to use it to reclaim the hand at last (827). However, as he was bringing down the scimitar, King Johnny was killed by a dagger to the back thrown by Aristede. Before dying, King Johnny prophesied that in nine days time, his spirit would pass on his immunity to Petofi's magic to another gypsy boy. He further cursed Aristede to die. After he was buried, the Golden Scimitar vanished before Aristede could destroy it (828).


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