Played by:
Michael T. Weiss • (1-11)

Joe Haskell, as portrayed by Michael T. Weiss

Joe Haskell (d. 1991) was a fisherman living in Collinsport, Maine in 1990 and 1991. He was the loyal boyfriend of Daphne Collins (1), for whom his boat was named (5), and stayed by her side even when she came under the power of vampire Barnabas Collins (1, 2). Joe attempted to protect Daphne from a second attack and guarded her in a downstairs room in Collinwood, but Barnabas' vampire powers made Joe fall asleep during his watch and Daphne was killed. She rose as a vampire and attacked Joe, placing him under her control. The police and Professor Michael Woodard tried to use Joe as bait to catch Daphne, but Joe overpowered a police officer and escaped from Collinwood to the stables, where Daphne was waiting for him. She attacked Joe again, but the police soon caught her and destroyed her, all the while holding Joe back from protecting his true love (2).

Joe recovered at Collinwood under the care of Dr. Julia Hoffman, and attempted to resist the charms of Carolyn Stoddard (3, 5). Joe soon took an interest in Carolyn, but met an unexpected response from the girl, as she too had come under Barnabas' power and no longer showed any interest of her own (6). He soon discovered the fang marks on Carolyn's neck, and took the evidence to Sheriff George Patterson, who cautioned Joe to be careful and stay away from Barnabas. Joe refused to listen and insisted that he would act (10).

Joe snuck into the Old House, discovered Barnabas in his coffin, and prepared to drive a stake through his heart. He was stopped when Julia Hoffman, controlled by Angelique, intervened and stabbed Joe in the back, killing him instead. Barnabas decided to cover up Joe's death and instructed Willie Loomis to bury Joe's body in the woods (11).


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