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Jessica Griffin Loomis was the landlady of The Blue Whale.

Kingdom of the Dead []

Jessica Griffin arrived back in Collinsport following the death of her daughter-in-law Susan. She came to support her son, Ed, and briefly spoke to Willie Loomis.  

Bloodlust []

Jessica vowed to stay in Collinsport so she could do anything to protect her son. She was friends with Kate Ripperton and Benjamin Franklin. She was attacked by killer, Michael Devereux with a pair of garden shears, leaving her in a coma in hospital. After waking up, she was visited by Willie Loomis on his return to Collinsport.

In the Twinkling of an Eye[]

Recovering after her attack, Jessica met a mysterious stranger known only as Nate.

Return to Collinwood []

Jessica, now married to Willie, was living in The Old House and was the landlady of The Blue Whale. She reluctantly participated in the seance to contact Elizabeth Collins Stoddard. She was later attacked by Sebastian Shaw following his escape from Windcliff Sanitarium. She was shaken up but otherwise unhurt.

Background information and notes []

  • Jessica was portrayed by Marie Wallace.
  • Jessica was an original character created for audio drama Return to Collinwood in which she is married to Willie Loomis. She later appeared in the audio Kingdom of the Dead which was set twenty years earlier and revealed she was the mother of existing character Ed Griffin. How she came to be married to Willie has yet to be revealed.