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Jerry Gerse was a resident of Collinsport who was friends with Joe Haskell.

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Jerry Gerse
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Tom Michael Blyth

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Ambulance technician

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Wife (mentioned in 33)

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Life []

Jerry was a worker at the Collins Cannery in 1967. He had the same goal as Joe Haskell - to own his own fishing fleet and be his own boss. The two decided to pool their money in order to make their first boat purchase possible (24). Unfortunately, Jerry's wife soon became pregnant and he had to back out of the deal with Joe due to the unexpected expense (33). 

Later Life[]

By 1984, Jerry was working as an ambulance technician. When Cody Hill had an accident at Collinwood, Jerry went with him to Collinsport Hospital, looking after him in the ambulance. He then handed him over to Andrew McLellan.


Jerry was killed in the fire at Collinsport Hospital. He was 49 years old when he died. After his death, Maggie Haskell spoke to her husband, Joe, who told her to tell Amy Jennings that her wedding to David Collins should go ahead as planned. 

Background information and notes[]

  • Jerry was mentioned in the original television series but did not appear on screen. He was later introduced in the audio drama Bloodline.