Jeremiah Collins was the progenitor of the New England branch of the Collins Family. A sea captain by trade, Jeremiah Collins earned his fortune in the slave markets and used his vast wealth to establish the seaside village of Collinsport, Maine.

In 1830, Jeremiah constructed the great family mansion that would come to be known as Collins House.

Legend has it, that Jeremiah's business of transporting slaves prompted what has become known as the Africa Curse. Beginning some time around 1817, the Collins family were beset by a series of tragedies and strange, supernatural occurrences. Such spectacles continued to manifest as late as the 20th century. In 1967, Henry Collins blamed all of the family's generational tragedy on the Africa Curse of Jeremiah Collins.

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  • A portrait of Jeremiah Collins hung above the mantle of the drawing room at Collins House.

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Strangers at Collins House (referenced only)

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