Played by:
Adrian Paul • (7-9)

Adrian Paul as Jeremiah Collins

Jeremiah Collins (1759-1790) was a brother of Barnabas Collins, Daniel Collins, and Sarah Collins. He was the husband of Josette Collins.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Jeremiah Collins was the second oldest of Joshua and Naomi Collins' children. He was the betrothed fiance to Millicent Collins. Joshua had planned a double wedding for Jeremiah and Millicent together with Barnabas and Josette du Prés. Jeremiah lived with the family at the Collins Manor House and waited in dread for Millicent's arrival in 1790. Jeremiah had not seen Millicent in years and feared that she would arrive just as ugly as he remembered her at the age of twelve (7).

When Millicent arrived, Jeremiah was relieved to discover her beauty, however it soon became evident that his betrothed was a selfish, and spoiled woman whom he described to his father as "misery on two legs." He told his parents he would not marry her, but his father brushed his objections aside. (7)

On the night his brother's fiance arrived, Jeremiah fell victim to witchcraft from Josette's maid, Angelique. As he slept that night, Jeremiah dreamed of being lovers with Josette. He was unable to stop thinking of the dream the following day, and tried to isolate himself from the family. Josette found Jeremiah at the stables and admitted that she had dreamed of him the night before, as well. The power of the magic controlling them proved too much and the two kissed passionately. That night, Josette came to Jeremiah's room, and the two became lovers. In a storm during the late night, Victoria Winters witnessed the lovers running from the Manor House together to be married in secret (8).

Josette and Jeremiah

Barnabas soon located the newlyweds and Jeremiah challenged him to a duel. The two brothers faced one another with pistols, and Jeremiah was killed. No one knew that Angelique had actually arranged for Barnabas's unloaded pistol to fire a bullet, making her the one truly responsible for Jeremiah's death (8).

Jeremiah was buried sometime later, but only temporarily. Angelique raised him as a zombie and attempted to have Jeremiah's corpse throw Josette from Widows' Hill. Barnabas and a rescue party reached the two in time, and Barnabas pleaded with the remaining humanity in his brother. Jeremiah managed to overcome the witch's commands and released his wife. He then named Angelique as the witch before jumping off of Widows' Hill (9).

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Jeremiah was, according to the Collins Family History, Josette's husband (4), although no mention is made in the book of Angelique's role in the couple's marriage (10). This would hardly be surprising, as it was only known by a select few, and scarcely something the family would want published.
  • Like many Collins family members, Jeremiah had a portrait painted of himself. The portrait hung in Jeremiah's room in 1790 (8), and was not shown in the twentieth century portion of the series.
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