Photograph of Jeanne

Jeanne Flagler was a Collinsport resident who was killed at Collinwood by the ghost of Gerard Stiles.

In late 1970, Jeanne and her husband, Victor Flagler, visited the ruins of Collinwood on a dare after hearing many stories throughout town about how there were ghosts inhabiting the mansion, as well as reports of strange lights and music. Victor and Jeanne did not believe the stories they heard, and decided to investigate for themselves.

Once inside Collinwood, the two became overwhelmed by a powerful sense of evil, and tried to run from the house in fear. While making their way towards the front door, Jeanne was killed by a statue that fell from the railing on the staircase, landing in the foyer. Victor claims he heard a man's laughter while he examined Jeanne's dead body, and ran from the house without ever seeing her again. (1062)

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