Janet Findley
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Cavada Humphrey

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Janet Findley

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Madame Janet Findley

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Died of fright caused by the ghost of Quentin Collins


Maine, New England, USA



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Madame Janet Findley was a psychic brought to Collinwood by Professor Stokes at the behest of Elizabeth Collins Stoddard to try to determine why mysterious happenings were occurring (647) after a recent séance (642) such as the disappearances of the children for long periods of time and an accident which nearly killed Roger Collins (646). It was Madame Findley who discovered there were two forces, one good (Magda) and one evil (Quentin Collins). She was led to Quentin's room in the west wing by David Collins and Amy Jennings and then trapped by Quentin's ghost (648). She tried to reason with Quentin, but the next time she was seen was on top of the staircase in the foyer, where she fell, having died of a heart attack (649).

While investigating Collinwood, she discovered Amy Jennings was also psychic when they both saw a pentagram appear on Joe Haskell's face. She was certain Amy had seen the ghosts that were haunting Collinwood (648).

After her death, Professor Stokes held a séance to contact Madame Findley (682)

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647, 648, 649

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