Jamison Collins
Jamison Collins
Production Information
Portrayed by

David Henesy
Jamison Selby

Audio appearances

A Collinwood Christmas

Biographical Information

12 (1897)

Date of birth


Year of death



Collinsport, Maine


Head of Collins Fishing Fleet and Cannery

Family members

Edward Collins (Father)
Laura Collins (Mother)
Nora Collins (Sister)
Judith Collins (Aunt)
Carl Collins (Uncle)
Quentin Collins (Uncle)
Catherine Collins (Wife)
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard (Daughter)
Roger Collins (Son)

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Jamison Collins (1885 - 1940s?) was the son of Edward and Laura Collins. His wife was Catherine Collins. He was the father of Elizabeth Collins Stoddard and Roger Collins(643). His grandson, David Collins, bore a strong resemblance to him (646). As a child Jamison had a strong relationship with his uncle Quentin Collins (702).

In Big Finish's A Collinwood Christmas, we get a glimpse into the life of Jamison Collins and his own tragedies since surviving 1897.

In 1966, Elizabeth said that she loved her father very much and that he died over twenty years before. She cried for days after his death (17).

As originally outlined by Art Wallace in the series bible Shadows on the Wall, the name of Elizabeth's father was Joseph and her mother's name was Carolyn.

Background information and notes Edit

  • Jamison is referred to as the only person Quentin Collins truly loved.
  • Actor David Selby named his son, Jamison Selby, after this character.
  • Jamison Selby took over the role of his namesake in the Big Finish Audio Dramas.

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