James Unsworth
Biographical Information

James Unsworth


London, UK

Production Information

The Creeping Fog
The Crimson Pearl
The House By The Sea
Dress Me In Dark Dreams
The Fall of The House of Trask
The Last Stop
A Collinwood Christmas
Beneath the Veil
The Enemy Within


The Fog (TCF)
The Whispering Man (TCF)
Captain Maloy (TCP)
Count Petofi (TCP)
Brett Hawker (THBTS, BTV)
Redmund Van Buren (DMIDD, ACC)
The Son of the Dark Lord/John (TFOTHOT, TEW)
Passenger (TLS)

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James Unsworth is a British actor who has appeared in several Dark Shadows audio dramas: The Creeping Fog, The Crimson Pearl, The House By The Sea, Dress Me In Dark Dreams, The Fall of The House of Trask, The Last Stop , Beneath the Veil and The Enemy Within.
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