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James Forsythe
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Keith Prentice

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James Forsythe

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Murdered by Brutus Collins



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(In death)

Family members

Sarah Forsythe (Sister)

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James Forsythe (1650s - 1680) was a business partner with Brutus Collins in 1680 Parallel Time. James first met Brutus in 1677, when they were introduced by Brutus's sister, Constance. The two men formed a fast friendship and soon after became business partners. However, Brutus cheated his partner and embezzled money away from James. In the meantime, James was having an affair with Brutus's wife Amanda.

Brutus took his revenge and murdered both James and Amanda and later his own sister, Constance. James's body lay next to Amanda's for nearly two hundred years in the forbidden room of Collinwood. When Morgan Collins entered the room in 1841, he discovered the bodies. The moment he touched James's corpse he became possessed by his spirit. While in Morgan's body, James uncovered the body of his sister, Sarah Forsythe, and confronted Brutus Collins again.

Julia accuses James Forsythe of being the man who put the curse on the Collins family, but he claimed he was innocent. James has a showdown with the ghost of Brutus Collins. Later, he confuses Julia with Constance who is Brutus's sister. He tries to kill Julia, thinking she is Constance Collins. Quentin stops him from killing Julia, he was locked up in the room upstairs after that. Catherine drugged James so they can perform a seance to release him from Morgan's body. James Forsythe ran off during the séance when he sensed that Brutus was near. Later, Julia finds him and he agrees to tell her the truth of what happened in 1680. He told Julia everything that happened in that time. Suddenly, Brutus' spirit appears and he comes for James Forsythe's spirit, and then James Forsythe's spirit left Morgan Collins's body where he could rest in peace.


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