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James Blair


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James Blair (in the picture on right, he is on the left having lunch with Burke Devlin) was an investment banker from New York who worked for Burke Devlin in 1967.

Blair was a partner of Stuart Bronson and when Bronson was unable to attend a meeting with Burke at the Bangor Pine Hotel restaurant, Blair filled in for him. Blair provided Burke with a report on his contact with banker John Harris about acquiring the Collinses' unpaid notes and mortgages (42).

Blair also helped Burke bid on a cannery in Logansport (89, 95). Vicki noticed that Blair's filigree pen resembled the pen that she found near the scene of Bill Malloy's death, and she believed that this was evidence that Burke was involved in Malloy's murder.

Background information and notes[]

  • The character of James Blair was created to replace Stuart Bronson when actor Barnard Hughes was unavailable to return.
  • Blair makes on-screen appearances in three episodes, and is off-screen on the other end of a telephone in five episodes -- 79, 114, 122, 133 and 303. Four of these telephone scenes occur after Blair's last on-screen appearance.


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