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Jacqueline Lucille Tate was a resident of Collinsport in the 1980s. She became caught up in a series of murders that were eventually revealed to be linked to Count Petofi.

Family and relationships[]

Jacqueline was the daughter of Rhonda Tate, the then Sheriff of Collinsport. She was good friends with Cody Hill and then became friends with both Harry and Tom Cunningham when they moved to Collinsport.


Bored and lonely, Jacqueline became close to private investigator Victor Frost when he came to Collinsport. She wanted him to take her back to London with her but he refused because of her young age.


Jacqueline was part of a group set up by Maggie Evans to protect the town against the supernatural although it was suggested she was only a member so that she could legally visit the Blue Whale. The murder of Melody Devereux led to more people joining the group and she was one of the first to fear that a mob mentality was forming. She had a fractious relationship with her mother but stood up for her when she was attacked by the townsfolk. She helped lead an assault on Collinwood to rescue Tom from the possessed Carolyn and David.

In the Twinkling of an Eye[]

Jacqueline and Jessica Griffin encountered the mysterious Nate.


Jackie returns to Collinsport after looking at colleges in New York. She arrives in time for the wedding of Amy Jennings and David Collins, but during the ceremony she is sent back in time to 1820.

Background information and notes[]

Jacqueline was played by Alexandra Donnachie.