Jack Willard was the son of Benjamin Willard, and husband to Molly Willard. A stout, shiftless man, he worked for his father’s friend, Henry Collins as a chauffer. Whenever he wasn’t working, Jack would spend his available free time gambling at the dog track or drinking himself into a stupor.

In July of 1967, Benjamin, Jack and Molly accompanied Henry Collins for an extended stay at Collins House. On the first evening of their trip, Jack made a pass at Victoria Winters. Vicki brusquely reminded him of his marriage obligations. Later, Benjamin Willard conspired with Jack and Molly in a hoax to make Vicki believe that the ghost of a woman named Winifred Ray was haunting Collins House.

After the death of Benjamin Willard, Jack and Molly returned to their home in New York.

Appearances Edit

Strangers at Collins House

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