Ivanka Romano
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Lizzie Hopley

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The Blind Painter
The Crimson Pearl
A Collinwood Christmas

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Ivanka Romano

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Ivanka Romano was a gypsy.

In 1915 was sought out by Charles Delaware Tate in the hope that she could remove his curse, the ability to see beauty in all things. In exchange for her help, he gives her a strange crimson pearl. However, Ivanka tricks him by removing his sight so that he can never set eyes on beauty again. (The Blind Painter)

The following year, Ivanka turns up at Collinwood, with the pearl demanding to see her cousins. Whilst Steadman, the butler of Collinwood, goes to fetch Jamison Collins, Ivanka decides to go exploring Collinwood for herself. She wanders into the deserted east wing and comes across a mysterious room that is almost like another world. She comes face to face with an alternate version of herself. The alternate Ivanka is a maidservant working at Collinwood. Disgusted by her counterpart, the original version of Ivanka decides to leave. She hands over the crimson pearl to the alternate Ivanka, glad to be rid of it. The original Ivanka returns to her own reality much to alternate Ivanka's confusion. (The Crimson Pearl)

Several years later, Ivanka is allowed to live in the Old House by Jamison Collins in exchange for her silence about the crimson pearl and the parallel time room. During this time is encounters the malevolent spirit of Redmond Van Buren. (A Collinwood Christmas)

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