Issue 3 (dynamite entertainment)



Dynamite Entertainment


Stuart Manning


Aaron Campbell

Cover Art

Francesco Francavilla
alternate cover by Aaron Campbell


December 2011

Dark Shadows Issue 3 (dynamite entertainment)
Issue 3 (dynamite entertainment) is a comic produced by Dynamite Entertainment. It was released in December 2011.

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There's trouble ahead for vampire Barnabas Collins as the vengeful spirit of his eternal nemesis Angelique continues to make her presence felt. What links the mysterious statue in the woods to the Collins family, and who among them can Barnabas trust?

Synopsis Edit

Julia Hoffman wonders what she has done, and Barnabas Collins accuses Angelique of possessing Julia. Angelique reminds Barnabas that the last time he looked into her eyes, he said he loved her, but Barnabas reminds her she was human then. Barnabas swears he will stop her, as Angelique flies away. Barnabas realizes they have to get to the family. He and Quentin Collins will go to Collinwood, and Julia will head into town to find Carolyn Stoddard.

At the Blue Whale, Jack Harkins continues to try to comfort Carolyn, but Carolyn tells him to forget her, that bad things happen when she lets people get close to her. Angelique appears and takes Carolyn aside to talk. When Angelique goes to grab Carolyn, she remarks that her hand is like ice. Angelique says she will always be cold until her heart is warmed by his love. At that point, Julia enters the Blue Whale and finds them.

Barnabas and Quentin arrive at Collinwood and find Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, Roger Collins, and David Collins together in the drawing room, unmoving, like statues. Barnabas swears to find Angelique, but he doubles over in pain. He says he needs to feed. He has to find someone. He says if he can control himself, they needn't be harmed.

At the Blue Whale, Julia points out to Angelique that whatever she is doing, it won't make Barnabas love her. But Angelique says she has no choice, that she and Barnabas are bound to one another eternally. Julia tries to get Carolyn to leave with her, but Angelique refuses to allow it. Julia leaves vowing this isn't over.

Angelique notices Carolyn seems to like the bartender. Carolyn tells her to leave him alone. But Angelique goes to Jack, and takes him by the hand, saying she will teach Carolyn a lesson.

At the Collinsport docks, Barnabas and Quentin find a young woman standing alone. Barnabas goes and bites her. Quentin tries to get Barnabas to release her, saying that's enough.

In the Blue Whale storeroom, Jack notices that Angelique is like ice. Angelique leans in and kisses him, after which Jack collapses. Carolyn runs over to Jack's body, saying "You didn't have to kill him!" Angelique feels her heart already growing cold again.

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