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Internal monologue, also known as inner voice, internal speech, or verbal stream of consciousness is thinking in words. It also refers to the semi-constant internal monologue one has with oneself at a conscious or semi-conscious level. Much of what people consciously report "thinking about" may be thought of as an internal monologue, a conversation with oneself. Some of this can be considered as speech rehearsal.

This storytelling device was used frequently throughout the original series, starting with episode 205, in part due to small cast of any given episode, which usually consisted of no more than five members. It was used in a variety of ways, for example, when Quentin Collins and Count Petofi switched bodies, Quentin would still think with David Selby's voice despite the character being physically portrayed by Thayer David, and vice-versa, as a way of illustrating that Quentin's consciousness was inhabiting Petofi's body.

205 to 365[]

Covers 'Barnabas Collins' storyline.

Character Description
205 Willie Loomis Getting his hands on jewelry like that in Barnabas' portrait.
208 Willie Loomis
247 Maggie Evans I'm someone else.
250 Maggie Evans It can't happen / (recalling Barnabas' voice).
253 Maggie Evans Remembering who she is.
260 Willie Loomis I can't let Maggie die.
Maggie Evans The riddle.
275 Elizabeth Collins Stoddard
281 Barnabas Collins
321 Barnabas Collins Killing Maggie.
322 Barnabas Collins Killing Maggie (continued) / Julia's Letter.
Willie Loomis Barnabas killing Maggie.
323 Barnabas Collins Willie's accident / David's suspicions.
324 David Collins (Recalling Barnabas words) / Suspecting Barnabas / (recalling Sarah's words).
328 Julia Hoffman (recalling Barnabas words)
329 Julia Hoffman Silencing Willie.
332 David Collins Needs to get proof about Barnabas.
335 Dave Woodard Secret room in Mausoleum.
336 Dave Woodard Secret room in Mausoleum. (continued)
341 Julia Hoffman (recalling Dave Woodard's words)
346 Julia Hoffman Josette's hold over Barnabas.
349 Barnabas Collins (recalling Julia's words) / Biting Victoria.
350 Carolyn Stoddard David's fear of the Old House.
351 Carolyn Stoddard Helping Barnabas.
353 Carolyn Stoddard Friendship with Victoria / Loving Barnabas.
Julia Hoffman Carolyn's suspicions.
355 Carolyn Stoddard Finding Julia's notebook.
Julia Hoffman Carolyn lied to her.
356 Julia Hoffman Hiding the notebook.
358 Julia Hoffman The syringe’s reappearance.
359 Julia Hoffman Fear of ghosts.
360 Julia Hoffman Why won't Sarah appear?
361 Julia Hoffman Locked in Mausoleum / Alone in Collinwood.
362 Carolyn Stoddard Can't find the notebook.
363 Carolyn Stoddard Can't find the notebook. (reprise)
365 Barnabas Collins Where is Sarah?
Victoria Winters Old House different?

366 to 460[]

Covers '1795' storyline.

Character Description
366 Victoria Winters Old House different? (continued) / Am I dreaming? x2
368/369 Barnabas Collins Josette and the countress' tarot cards.
370 Angelique Bouchard The toy solider / Josette.
371 Angelique Bouchard Poor Barnabas.
372 Angelique Bouchard Collecting herbs.
373 Angelique Bouchard Summoning Ben.
375 Jeremiah Collins Barnabas and Josette.
376 Natalie DuPres Jeremiah and Josette.
Naomi Collins (recalling Natalie's words about the tarot cards)
377 Angelique Bouchard Naomi's dream.
378 Ben Stokes Angelique's a witch.
379 Victoria Winters Widows' Hill.
381 Victoria Winters The future.
383 Josette DuPres Collins (recalling the voices of Andre and Barnabas)
386 Angelique Bouchard (recalling Reverend Trask's voice)
389 Ben Stokes Angelique's gone too far.
392 Barnabas Collins How to tell Josette about the marriage to Angelique.
Angelique Bouchard Barnabas.
397 Angelique Bouchard Collins Music?
398 Angelique Bouchard Collins Jeremiah.
400 Barnabas Collins Angelique is lying.
401 Barnabas Collins Why would Angelique lie?
402 Barnabas Collins Posioning Angelique.
403 Angelique Bouchard Collins Where is Barnabas?
404 Barnabas Collins Josette.
406 Ben Stokes How to help Barnabas.
410 Natalie DuPres The book of Collins family history.
414 Barnabas Collins Jeremiah.
417 Barnabas Collins Bye Josette.
Ben Stokes Stalking Barnabas.
419 Barnabas Collins Avoiding Josette.
420 Josette DuPres Collins Leaving Collinwood.
Barnabas Collins Seeing Josette one more time.
422 Natalie DuPres Barnabas' ghost.
Josette DuPres Collins Locked Room. x2
Joshua Collins The Ring. x2
425 Ben Stokes Must stop Barnabas.
428 Millicent Collins Barnabas dead?!
429 Peter Bradford History Book.
430 Barnabas Collins Josette.
431 Abigail Collins The witch.
432 Abigail Collins The witch. (reprise)
434 Nathan Forbes Victoria.
436 Ben Stokes Never be able to help Miss Winters.
Victoria Winters Where are you Peter?
440 Ben Stokes The cane.
Reverend Trask Frightened by the witch.
441 Reverend Trask Frightened by the witch. (reprise)
449 Millicent Collins (recalling Nathan's voice)
454 Daniel Collins Finding Victoria.
457 Naomi Collins It can't be true what Nathan Forbes told her.
Barnabas Collins Summoning Millicent.
459 Nathan Forbes Destroying Barnabas.
460 Joshua Collins Goodbye Barnabas.
Victoria Winters (recalling Peter's voice)

461 to 700[]

Covers 'Adam and Eve' and 'Quentin's Ghost' storylines.

Character Description
462 Barnabas Collins (recalling his conversation with Julia)
463 Barnabas Collins Summoning Carolyn.
464 Barnabas Collins Summoning Victoria.
465 Barnabas Collins Summoning Victoria. (reprise)
480 Julia Hoffman Jeff must be mad? x2
481 Julia Hoffman Jeff must be mad? (reprise)
485 Eric Lang Forgetting the dream.
486 Julia Hoffman Go to bed.
487 Julia Hoffman The dream.
Barnabas Collins Waiting for Julia.
491 Barnabas Collins Waiting for sunrise. x2
497 Maggie Evans Remembering something about the Old House.
502 Willie Loomis Can't fall asleep.
504 Carolyn Stoddard Strange man. x3
505 Barnabas Collins Adam.
Carolyn Stoddard Can't escape.
510 Cassandra Collins Where is Tony?
511 Julia Hoffman Don't wait for Barnabas.
512 Julia Hoffman Where's Barnabas.
515 Adam Afraid. x2
Julia Hoffman Where is Willie and Barnabas?
518 Timothy Eliot Stokes Adam can't be far away.
519 Cassandra Collins I know about Elizabeth.
520 Elizabeth Collins Stoddard Why am I doing this?
521 Barnabas Collins Angelique's portrait.
522 Willie Loomis Someone upstairs.
525 Jeff Clark I knew Forbes! I know who I am!
529 Victoria Winters The bottle of cologne.
530 Adam Barnabas hurt Adam.
Cassandra Collins Hatred for Barnabas.
534 Barnabas Collins (recalls Victoria's voice as he reads the letter from her)
Victoria Winters Barnabas at the door?
538 Barnabas Collins Cassandra waits.
539 Cassandra Collins How could the curse have failed?
541 Julia Hoffman Cassandra knows about the experiment.
543 Cassandra Collins Destroying Adam.
545 Cassandra Collins Killing Adam.
546 Cassandra Collins Killing Adam (reprise) / What a fool I am.
547 Victoria Winters Must get Julia.
548 Cassandra Collins Will Barnabas forgive me?
Nicholas Blair Forgiving Cassandra.
550 Carolyn Stoddard I don't know what to do.
Adam Carolyn will love me.
553 Barnabas Collins (recalls Adam's threat)
554 Barnabas Collins Why are the dogs howling?
Tom Jennings What was the coffin doing there?
Nicholas Blair Pity Jennings
555 Adam Is Victoria still alive?
Victoria Winters Where am I?
556 Victoria Winters Where am I? (reprise)
Barnabas Collins Where is Victoria?
558 Adam It is wrong to kidnap.
Nicholas Blair Night for descions.
561 Joe Haskell Why can't I get Angelique out of my mind? x2
562 Joe Haskell Resisting Angelique.
563 Angelique Bouchard Collins Summoning Joe.
564 Joe Haskell Should I go to the police.
565 Jeff Clark What's Eric Lang's Journal doing here?
Julia Hoffman Note to Barnabas.
566 Tom Jennings Summoning Julia.
567 Jeff Clark Lang's equipment at the Old House.
568 Jeff Clark Lang's equipment at the Old House (reprise) / Victoria must never find out.
Julia Hoffman Morning.
Tom Jennings Summoning Julia.
569 Elizabeth Collins Stoddard Buried Alive! / Roger Lied.
571 Barnabas Collins Killing Tom / Where's the coffin.
572 Joe Haskell Resisting Angelique.
573 Angelique Bouchard Collins Summoning Joe.
574 Nicholas Blair Mirror incantation.
577 Elizabeth Collins Stoddard Scream.
Carolyn Stoddard Why aren't things simple?
578 Adam Carolyn will be angry.
579 Jeff Clark Imagination.
580 Angelique Bouchard Collins Nicholas is impatient.
581 Adam Just a creature? (This is a rare occasion where an internal monologue occurs whilst some else is in the room, mid conversation.)
Angelique Bouchard Collins In a few hours I will be free.
583 Willie Loomis Gotta do something.
Barnabas Collins No one here.
584 Maggie Evans (recalls going to Windcliff)
585 Adam Barnabas must know what it's like to be alone.
586 Adam Barnabas must know what it's like to be alone. (reprise) / He will know what it is like.
Barnabas Collins The curse is still alive.
587 Willie Loomis How will I know its safe?
588 Maggie Evans The dream means something.
589 Barnabas Collins Why did Carolyn have to go away tonight.
593 Barnabas Collins I can't tell them Carolyn is dead.
594 Barnabas Collins I can't tell them Carolyn is dead. (reprise) / Carolyn's still alive / Where's Julia?
595 Barnabas Collins Where's Julia? (reprise)
Danielle Roget I will destroy all these people.
598 David Collins Why was Willie in the secret room?
599 Maggie Evans No strength to go on.
Joe Haskell I can feel her out there.
602 Nicholas Blair Destroying Barnabas / The inner eye.
603 Elizabeth Collins Stoddard Thoughts of death.
604 Julia Hoffman (recalls her conversation with Barnabas about Eve)
606 Barnabas Collins I've got to get out of here.
607 Joe Haskell I can't tell you Maggie. (This is a rare occasion where an internal monologue occurs whilst some else is in the room, mid conversation.)
Angelique Bouchard Collins Nicholas is getting what he wants.
609 Carolyn Stoddard I mustn't be nervous
612 Harry Johnson Don't want to leave.
Barnabas Collins Resisting Angelique.
613 Barnabas Collins Killing Joe.
Joe Haskell Barnabas wants to kill me.
614 Joe Haskell Killing Barnabas.
615 Barnabas Collins Resisting Angelique.
616 Barnabas Collins Resisting Angelique (reprise) / A way out of this room.
618 Barnabas Collins Who can help me?
619 Joe Haskell Maybe she'll come tonight.
Julia Hoffman Nicholas was lying.
620 Julia Hoffman It's a coming this way.
Angelique Bouchard Collins Someone must have helped Barnabas.
621 Nicholas Blair Lang's tape recorder / Punishing Angelique.
622 Nicholas Blair Staking Angelique
623 Eve I've learned more than I thought.
624 Nicholas Blair Where is Eve?
Eve Poor Miss Winters.
625 Jeff Clark What will I find in Peter's grave?
626 Victoria Winters (reads from Collins family history book)
627 Adam I shouldn't have killed Eve.
Angelique Bouchard Collins If I succeed tonight.
628 Angelique Bouchard Collins If I succeed tonight. (reprise)
Adam She almost made me like her.
630 Nicholas Blair Maggie Evans makes me human.
631 Barnabas Collins I was right.
632 Nicholas Blair Where is Jennings?
Chris Jennings Full Moon, weather forecast.
633/634 Barnabas Collins (recalls words of Maggie and Nicholas)
635 Adam (recalls Julia and Carolyn's voices)
637 Jeff Clark (recalls his conversation with Victoria just before she was hanged in 1796.)
641 Victoria Winters (recalling Professor Stokes voice)
642 Victoria Winters (recalling Professor Stokes voice) (reprise)
649 Chris Jennings That girl in the bar.
651 Elizabeth Collins Stoddard The tomb is ready.
654 Chris Jennings What do I say if he answers?
655 Elizabeth Collins Stoddard Why can't I speak or move?
656 Barnabas Collins I've got to forget you Vicki.
662 Nathan Forbes (recalls Ben's words regarding the wooden stake)
666 Willie Loomis The night I went to the mausoleum.
671 Carolyn Stoddard (recalling Maggie's voice, don't believe she's dead)
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard Must tell Carolyn she's in danger.
672 Elizabeth Collins Stoddard (attempts to call out to Carolyn)
673 Julia Hoffman Something has happened to Chris.
Chris Jennings What happened to me?
675 Chris Jennings Why don't I remember? / How much time passed?
686 David Collins Quentin won't honor
691 Elizabeth Collins Stoddard The kids are possessed.
694 Roger Collins Why do I have this feeling?
695 David Collins Why is she talking so long?
Barnabas Collins Quentin Collins.
696 Maggie Evans It's impossible.
Barnabas Collins Somewhere in this house.
697 Barnabas Collins Somewhere in this house (reprise) / In a few hours the moon will rise.

701 to 884[]

Covers '1897' storyline.

Character Description
701 Barnabas Collins Willing someone to release me.
Sandor Rakosi The chained coffin.
702 Sandor Rakosi The chained coffin. (reprise)
Magda Rakosi The last time I come here.
Barnabas Collins 1897?
712 Rachel Drummond Angelique summons her.
713 Judith Collins I'm in control now.
716 Rachel Drummond Finding out what really happened.
717 Barnabas Collins Why did the light go out?
720 Quentin Collins Good girl, Beth.
723 Barnabas Collins Angelique hasn't won yet.
724 Quentin Collins She will not let me.
725 Judith Collins What is happening to all of us?
727 Rachel Drummond I must face them without fear.
732 Laura Collins (communicates with Ra)
734 Jamison Collins If only I could open the door.
738 Laura Collins I don't want to die.
745 Jenny Collins Who was that woman?
746 Magda Rakosi Where are you, Jenny?
748 Quentin Collins (recalling Magda's words)
749 Quentin Collins (recalling Edward's words)
754 Barnabas Collins I know why I am here.
755 Beth Chavez Quentin will come back.
Barnabas Collins (reading letter to Magda)
758 Laura Collins Help Me!
759 Laura Collins Help Me!
760 Laura Collins (calls for Jamison)
764 Beth Chavez Oh Quentin.
Quentin Collins Beth knows it's a werewolf.
767 Barnabas Collins (recalling the prophecy)
772 Tim Shaw It must happen tonight.
774 Rachel Drummond Where's Tim?
775 Rachel Drummond Where's Tim? (reprise)
776 Judith Collins (responds to Dirk's summons)
Edward Collins She's going to the vampire.
778 Carl Collins Vampire.
779 Carl Collins Vampire (reprise) / I've got to get out.
Barnabas Collins Will we meet again?
Quentin Collins My only hope.
780 Carl Collins I've got to get out. (reprise)
783 Barnabas Collins Where is she?
788 Judith Collins Why Minerva?
790 Quentin Collins Where am I?
791 Quentin Collins Where am I?
792 Magda Rakosi Barnabas got Quentin out of jail.
798 Have I the courage?
799 Quentin Collins So I'm a father.
Tim Shaw (recalling Magda and Quentin's words)
800 Tim Shaw (recalling Magda words) (reprise)
804 Count Petofi For some the ordeal is yet to come.
805 Count Petofi Summoning Evan.
812 Quentin Collins Ending the Madness.
814 Count Petofi I must get to him.
Aristede We have no time.
Quentin Collins He's dying.
815 Quentin Collins Why hasn't he gotten better?
816 Quentin Collins Barnabas can help me.
817 Barnabas Collins There is another way.
Charles Delaware Tate I wish I was so sure.
818 Charles Delaware Tate It is Quentin Collins.
822 Charles Delaware Tate It's not possible.
823/824 Pansy Faye Not ready to lose Quentin.
825 Barnabas Collins I must do something.
826 Magda Rakosi I've got to hide.
828 Count Petofi In 9 days.
Quentin Collins Am I so frightened?
832 Gregory Trask Final resting place.
Quentin Collins If the miracle hadn't happened.
833 Charles Delaware Tate I must find that first sketch. / Something is missing.
834 Charles Delaware Tate Something is missing.
835 Barnabas Collins When the house was restored...
837 Julia Hoffman Empty your mind... concentrate.
Quentin Collins (reads Barnabas letter)
838 Quentin Collins It can't happen.
839 Quentin Collins I don't ever want to see that face again.
840 Charles Delaware Tate I've got to find out if he knows
Quentin Collins (recalling Tate's words)
841 Count Petofi A gyspy tribunal.
844 Kitty Soames Nobody's going to suspect a thing.
Barnabas Collins Josette.
845 Quentin Collins (recalling Julia's words_
846 Pansy Faye Why did he lie to me?
Kitty Soames (reads letter) / (recalling Pansy's words)
848 Amanda Harris What am I?
Charles Delaware Tate Amanda Harris is mine.
850 Charles Delaware Tate Now I control Quentin Collins.
Quentin Collins (writes letter)
851 Quentin Collins I knew she'd wait.
Charles Delaware Tate I can't be.
852 Kitty Soames Where was I?
853 Kitty Soames Where was I? (reprise) / Barnabas.
Quentin Collins (recalling Count Petofi's words)
854 Quentin Collins (recalling Count Petofi's words) (reprise)
855 Quentin Collins It all began when I was asleep.
Beth Chavez (recalling Quentin's words) / (recalling Quentin, Magda and Aristede's words)
856 Beth Chavez (recalling Quentin, Magda and Aristede's words) (reprise) / Could it be too late?
Quentin Collins No one would believe me.
857 Count Petofi New eyes.
Quentin Collins He's got to know me now.
859 Quentin Collins She must have returned to 1969.
860 Kitty Soames He believed me.
862 Kitty Soames What am I doing here?
Quentin Collins There must be another way.
866 Angelique Bouchard Collins I need you so.
Kitty Soames (reads letter)
867 Angelique Bouchard Collins It's the only thing.
870 Kitty Soames Why do I suddenly feel so frightened? / I must stay here.
Barnabas Collins Is it over before it has even began?
871 Barnabas Collins Is it over before it has even began? (reprise)
Charles Delaware Tate I've got to stop drinking.
872 Charles Delaware Tate It was all so different
Beth Chavez I wish this night were over.
Barnabas Collins I must find her.
874 Kitty Soames How can I end it?
Count Petofi Charity Trask / Where is Quentin?
Beth Chavez He is Petofi.
875 Beth Chavez He is Petofi (reprise) / Tim Shaw / (recalling Quentin and Petofi's voices)
Quentin Collins It worked.
876 Quentin Collins It worked (reprise) / (recalls his conversation with Beth)
Barnabas Collins Something must have gone wrong.
Charles Delaware Tate Why?
878 Aristede I've got to find someone who'll hide me.
879 Gergory Trask Quentin's room.
880 Gregory Trask There's no on there / Will this room be my grave.
Aristede Will I be safe here?
881 Quentin Collins So tired / Mustn't sleep.
Pansy Faye Someone's going to stop him.
882 Pansy Faye The minute he falls asleep / Impossible?
Quentin Collins Mustn't sleep.
883 Pansy Faye He'll kill me.
Charles Delaware Tate Garth Blackwood.
884 Barnabas Collins This was Petofi's.
Gregory Trask Everlasting darkness.
Kitty Soames I'm not her.

885 to 980[]

Covers 'Levitahan' storyline.

Character Description
885 Natalie DuPres I will not let it happen.
886 Barnabas Collins Never seen that before.
888 Julia Hoffman Where do I go from here?
Carolyn Stoddard What is this thing?
889 Julia Hoffman What does it mean?
890 Julia Hoffman I hear breathing.
Barnabas Collins Julia is curious / It is time.
891 The chosen ones.
892 Carolyn Stoddard Where has this come from?
896 Julia Hoffman (reads her letter to Barnabas)
898 Paul Stoddard Why do I keep coming back to this place?
899 Paul Stoddard What does it mean?
Carolyn Stoddard (reads letter from Paul, thinks with his voice)
900 Paul Stoddard They're waiting.
904 Barnabas Collins And the enemy shall be overcome one by one.
906 Paul Stoddard What is the meaning of that date?
907 Barnabas Collins I must kill you now.
908 Maggie Evans Something very odd.
909 Paul Stoddard I wasn't here when Carolyn was eight.
911 David Collins Why does he look like Quentin?
913/914 David Collins (recalling Micheal's words, thinks with M's voice)
915 Barnabas Collins He has no right / What is happening.
916 Julia Hoffman I will know.
917 Paul Stoddard Did I dream it?
918 Julia Hoffman Newspapers.
919/920/921 Grant Douglas Why did I run?
923 Julia Hoffman I must find out.
925 Maggie Evans He said he was going home.
926 Maggie Evans Where am I?
Barnabas Collins I'm losing control.
927 Michael Hackett She took my side.
929 Paul Stoddard I don't believe him.
930 Barnabas Collins I must work this out alone.
931 Paul Stoddard Got to be my imagination.
Megan Todd Can we trust Barnabas.
932 Amanda Harris Why did I run?
933 Megan Todd Never have to worry.
934 Quentin Collins Amanda's gone forever.
936 Jeb Hawkes The funeral.
Barnabas Collins Carolyn time never comes.
Carolyn Stoddard (reads letter to Megan)
938 Kitty Soames My wedding night.
939 Barnabas Collins I must kill him.
941 Barnabas Collins I must go myself.
942 Maggie Evans Where am I?
David Collins Protected against / (recalling Barnabas' voice)
944 Barnabas Collins Submerged too quickly.
Sabrina Stuart He's still alive.
945 Carolyn Stoddard Jeb Hawkes.
947 Jeb Hawkes Richard Fairbanks.
948 Jeb Hawkes Richard Fairbanks. (reprise)
Barnabas Collins Josette.
950 Jeb Hawkes The box is yours.
Carolyn Stoddard What does it mean?
951 Barnabas Collins Maggie.
953 Carolyn Stoddard What does the dream mean?
955 Barnabas Collins I waiting for you, Maggie.
Angelique Rumson Help me, Quentin.
956 Maggie Evans What am I going to do?
Willie Loomis What's going on?
957 Barnabas Collins The werewolf and ghosts.
Julia Hoffman Evidence.
958 David Collins I wish.
959 David Collins I wish. (reprise)
960 Bruno Dealing with Jeb.
961 Barnabas Collins (summoning Maggie)
Bruno Our secret
963 Jeb Hawkes Dr. Hoffman.
Megan Todd Dusk again.
Barnabas Collins Never have told Julia / (summoning Maggie)
964 Julia Hoffman Why have they left me alone?
Jeb Hawkes Time.
965 Quentin Collins No way out.
966 Jeb Hawkes Carolyn.
Carolyn Stoddard (reads letter to Elizabeth)
967 Jeb Hawkes Nothing else matters / (recalling Peter's voice)
Carolyn Stoddard Couldn't take him this long / (recalling Jeb's voice)
968 Elizabeth Collins Stoddard (reading Carolyn's letter, hears C's voice)
Jeb Hawkes You look good.
969 Jeb Hawkes Married.
Barnabas Collins The east wing.
970 Barnabas Collins That room!
971 Barnabas Collins Gone again / (recalling Julia's voice)
972 Barnabas Collins Twist of time.
Jeb Hawkes I'll get away from it.
Carolyn Stoddard Hawkes I've got to.
973 Sabrina Stuart Why isn't he here?
975 Barnabas Collins Different choices.
976 Bruno Not much longer.
Roger Collins I must find Barnabas.
977 Roger Collins A dark empty room.
Sabrina Stuart Convincing Chris.
Julia Hoffman What happened to Barnabas.
Barnabas Collins No choice any more.
978 Barnabas Collins Sabrina.
Nicholas Blair All my powers.
979 Jeb Hawkes The shadow.
Roger Collins I must know.
Carolyn Stoddard Hawkes Silly.
980 Carolyn Stoddard Hawkes Silly. (reprise)
Barnabas Collins Julia.

981 to 1060[]

Covers 'Parallel Time' storyline.

Character Description
981 Barnabas Collins Julia. (reprise)
Maggie Collins Where is he?
982 Maggie Collins Where's Quentin.
Barnabas Collins Change what I am.
984 Maggie Collins The challenge.
985 Maggie Collins The challenge. (reprise)
Quentin Collins (1970 PT) I just wish...
986 Quentin Collins (1970 PT) I will not go after her.
987 Bruno Hess Are you here Angelique?
988 Bruno Hess Are you here Angelique? (reprise)
Horace Gladstone (reads Cyrus' journal, hear C's voice)
Cyrus Longworth (PT) (writes in journal)
989 Cyrus Longworth (PT) Who is John Yaeger? / (recalling Frank Paxton's voice)
Sabrina Stuart (PT) Where it all began.
990 Sabrina Stuart (PT) Where it all began. (reprise)
992 Quentin Collins (1970 PT) Alexis is Angelique.
993 Quentin Collins (1970 PT) Who could it be?
994 Quentin Collins (1970 PT) Blood.
995 Cyrus Longworth (PT) Divided Nature.
996 Cyrus Longworth (PT) Divided Nature. (reprise)
997 John Yaeger The anti-dote.
998 John Yaeger The anti-dote. (reprise)
999 Bruno Hess Nothing proven.
1001 Mr. Trask I wonder why.
1002 John Yaeger Ordinary Circumstances
1003 Quentin Collins (1970 PT) The Room.
1004 Angelique Stokes Collins [reads letter from Jennifer Evans]
1005 Cyrus Longworth (PT) My experiment.
1006 John Yaeger Cyrus again.
1008 Angelique Stokes Collins Helping Quentin.
1010 John Yaeger The Anti-dote
1011 John Yaeger Dark Secret (reprise)
Buffie Harrington Why is he hiding?
1013 Barnabas Collins Is she really Alexis?
1014 Cyrus Longworth I can't tell Quentin.
Quentin Collins (1970 PT) The answer lies here.
1015 Quentin Collins (1970 PT) I had to do this to be with the one I love. (reprise)
Angelique Stokes Collins The cards must tell me.
Barnabas Collins Friends.
1016 Maggie Collins (reads her letter to Quentin)
Angelique Stokes Collins I must see her.
1017 Barnabas Collins Maggie
1018 Quentin Collins (1970 PT) (recalling Cyrus' voice about Voodoo)
1019 Quentin Collins (1970 PT) (recalling Cyrus' voice about Voodoo) (reprise)
Maggie Collins Why didn’t Quentin tell me?
Angelique Stokes Collins Find someone.
1020 Angelique Stokes Collins Find someone. (reprise)
Cyrus Longworth (PT) Do I have to murder again?
Barnabas Collins I must find someone tonight.
1021 Angelique Stokes Collins Dear sweet Maggie.
Buffie Harrington He knows more.
1022 Maggie Collins Never
Cyrus Longworth (PT) I mustn't.
1023 John Yaeger The police.
Angelique Stokes Collins Dear Maggie
1024 Maggie Collins (read Quentin's letter to Angelique, hears his voice)
1025 Maggie Collins Why doesn't he come back?
1027 John Yaeger Don't worry Maggie.
1028 John Yaeger Now.
Sabrina Stuart (PT) Record of Experiment.
1029 John Yaeger In an hour Maggie will come to me.
1030 Elizabeth Stoddard (PT) I'm going to find Quentin.
Maggie Collins Where am I?
Angelique Stokes Collins I'm so cold.
1031 Julia Hoffman I've got to help you.
Timothy Stokes (PT) Acting like a good father.
Quentin Collins (reads his letter to Maggie)
Barnabas Collins (reads Angelique's diary, in her voice)
1032 Barnabas Collins (reads Angelique's diary, in her voice) (reprise)
Julia Hoffman I've got to help you.
Maggie Collins I must get out.
1033 Julia Hoffman (PT) A secret room / Maggie's name
Barnabas Collins Finding Maggie / Clothes belong to Yaeger.
Maggie Collins It won't work.
Elizabeth Stoddard (PT) Barnabas is a little strange.
John Yaeger The check.
1034 John Yaeger The antidote.
Julia Hoffman (PT) The secret room / So much has happened.
Maggie Collins I must / He'll look upstairs.
Cyrus Longworth (PT) You must.
Barnabas Collins Maggie was here.
1035 Barnabas Collins Maggie was here. (reprise)
Maggie Collins Look upstairs.
Julia Hoffman (PT) The room has changed / The vampire.
1036 Will Loomis Hoffman
Julia Hoffman She's dead.
Bruno Hess There's money in here / Where is it?
1037 Angelique Stokes Collins Distrubances.
1038 Julia Hoffman What does she mean?
1042 Maggie Collins I closed this door / Angelique’s music
Carolyn Loomis That dreadful seance.
1044 Amy Collins I'm afraid.
Will Loomis Must be careful.
1045 Will Loomis Must be careful. (reprise)
Barnabas Collins The secret room.
1046 Barnabas Collins Someone else has been here.
Timothy Stokes (PT) A better opportunity.
1047 Timothy Stokes (PT) Barnabas Collins.
Barnabas Collins Someone has been here.
1049 Roger Collins (PT) Who else heard.
1050 Julia Hoffman I must learn your secret.
1051 Claude North (1970 PT) I'll come back.
Barnabas Collins Sure to come back.
1052 Angelique Stokes Collins Someone's in there.
1054 Roger Collins (PT) Disposing of Elizabeth.
Quentin Collins (1970 PT) I'm a fool.
1055 Barnabas Collins Where is Julia?
Maggie Collins Catch him quickly.
Angelique Stokes Collins Finding the strength.
1057 Barnabas Collins Secret passages and room.
Julia Hoffman So very tired.
1058 Julia Hoffman Why don't they find me?
Barnabas Collins Julia
1059 Julia Hoffman I must stay awake.

1061 to 1109[]

Covers 'Destruction of Collinwood' storyline in 1995 and 1970.

Character Description
1062 Julia Hoffman Tomorrow.
1065 Timothy Eliot Stokes (reads letter)
1067 Timothy Eliot Stokes There was someone with her.
1068 Quentin Collins (reads Carolyn's letter, her voice)
1069 Barnabas Collins Why would he take Carolyn's baby.
1072 Barnabas Collins The playroom.
1073 Hallie Stokes The dress
David Collins (reads letter)
1074 David Collins What's the pint of staying here.
1076 Quentin Collins The secret of liliacs / Daphne Harridge.
1077 Quentin Collins Daphne Harridge (reprise) / David's room / (reads letter)
1078 Barnabas Collins The playroom.
Quentin Collins Today I am going to kill him.
1081 Hallie Stokes Mustn't be afraid.
1085 Quentin Collins Lilacs.
1086 Elizabeth Collins Stoddard Asleep.
1087 Quentin Collins (reads letter from Daphne, own voice)
1088 Sebastian Shaw Collinwood.
Quentin Collins I must see her.
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard So cold.
1089 Julia Hoffman They know so much more / The bust.
1090 Sebastian Shaw Tell her everything.
1091 David Collins Contacting Gerard.
Julia Hoffman She's being summoned.
1092 Julia Hoffman She's being summoned. (reprise)
1093 Carolyn Stoddard Hawkes Why am I here?
1094 Carolyn Stoddard Hawkes Why am I here? (reprise)
Julia Hoffman (reads the journal of the 1840 Quentin)
1096 Quentin Collins Familiar picture.
1097 Quentin Collins House is deserted.
Barnabas Collins The playroom.
1098 Quentin Collins She must leave this house.
1099 Quentin Collins Lilacs.
1100 Daphne Harridge Alive.
1101 Carolyn Stoddard Hawkes Someone is going to die.
Barnabas Collins Rose Cottage.
Julia Hoffman Suddenly so tired.
1102 Julia Hoffman Suddenly so tired. (reprise)
Quentin Collins This house.
Barnabas Collins The suffering I caused.
1104 Barnabas Collins The carousel.
1105 Willie Loomis The riddle.
Julia Hoffman Keep sleeping Maggie.
1106 Sebastian Shaw Still alive.
Barnabas Collins A bride.
1108 Julia Hoffman Heartbeat.
1109 Julia Hoffman Carrie's alive.

1110 to 1245[]

Covers '1840' and '1841 in Parallel Time' storylines.

Character Description
1110 Julia Hoffman Carrie's alive (reprise) / Ben Stokes.
Gabriel Collins (reads letter to Gerard)
1111 Julia Hoffman Barnabas is summoning me.
1112 Julia Hoffman Barnabas is summoning me. (reprise)
Gerard Stiles Mysterious Julia Collins.
1113 Julia Hoffman The future.
1114 Julia Hoffman Roxanne.
Barnabas Collins I must stay away.
Roxanne Drew The stranger.
1115 Roxanne Drew The stranger (reprise)
Barnabas Collins (reads letter to Ben)
1116 Gerard Stiles Gabriel is a fool.
Samantha Drew Collins I must find help.
1123 Daphne Harridge (reads diary)
Desmond Collins (reads newspaper)
1124 Desmond Collins (reads Judah's journal)
1125 Desmond Collins The unmarked stone.
1126 Desmond Collins The unmarked stone. (reprise)
Gerard Stiles Samantha's choice.
1127 Desmond Collins Destroying the head.
1132 Quentin Collins (1840) Unsigned note.
Daphne Harridge Death is near.
1133 Quentin Collins (1840) Waiting for Joanna.
1137 Gerard Stiles Vanished quickly.
1138 Roxanne Drew (reads letter from Barnabas, his voice)
Gerard Stiles Judah Zachary.
1139 Gerard Stiles Imagination.
1140 Angelique Bouchard Collins (recalls voice of Gerard saying "Miranda") / Why did he call me Miranda?
Gerard Stiles Why did I call her Miranda?
Quentin Collins (1840) (reads letter)
1141 Gerard Stiles Judah will walk again.
1145 Gerard Stiles You will tonight, Mr. Trask.
1146 Daphne Harridge Sorry for Quentin.
1147 Daphne Harridge Love and hate.
1150 Daphne Harridge (reads letter from Joanna)
1151 Gerard Stiles I am Judah Zachary.
Desmond Collins The journal.
1152 Angelique Bouchard Collins How did Judah escape?
1159 Angelique Bouchard Collins The perfect revenge.
Daphne Harridge (reads letter from Joanna)
Gabriel Collins Letter from Quentin.
Daniel Collins (reads will)
1160 Daniel Collins (reads will) (reprise)
Gerard Stiles Murder is only the first step.
1166 Daphne Harridge Disturbing dreams.
1168 Carrie Stokes Gerard.
1169 Julia Hoffman Something is terrifying him.
1172 Barnabas Collins Helpless.
1176 Angelique Bouchard Collins Judah's love.
1178 Lamar Trask Is he dead?
Quentin Collins (1840) I can't believe it.
1182 Gerard Stiles Joanna Mills.
1183 Gerard Stiles Making your mind up.
1184 Carrie Stokes Mordecai Grimes.
1186 Daphne Harridge This house.
1187 Daphne Harridge (recalls Gabriel's words, his voice)
1190 Daphne Harridge (recalls Gabriel's words, his voice) / Lost.
Joanna Mills Daphne.
1191 Daphne Harridge Going around in circles.
1195 Barnabas Collins Parallel Time.
Angelique Bouchard Collins Barnabas.
1207/1208 Bramwell Collins (recalling Catherine's words about killing Morgan)
1221 Bramwell Collins (recalling Catherine's words about pregnancy)
1229 Daphne Harridge Collins (recalling Catherine's words, in C's voice)
1232 Daphne Harridge Collins (recalling Bramwell's word about Catherine in B's voice)
1242 Bramwell Collins [reads letter] / The child.
Kendrick Young I must break the curse.